First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Starting a pseudo spy-ish science fiction bitcoin cryptocurrency so-called blockchain writing format. Will write a premise of a beginning scenario. Then either I will continue the next block of writing, or invite some eager minds to share their writing skills.

Some fusion of reality plus imagination. For instance, my first scenario (which I will publish in another post to get it a clean slate) is concerning these keywords. Mining, nuclear energy, world domination by the final million coins.

With just that, there are factual things to consider. Such as the halving of the coins. The maximum available mine-able coins. Presumption and reality of the final days of mining. The world would have changed – drastically. The prediction or the actual dollar value of a bitcoin. Will people be dealing in satoshis?

Rightfully, there would be less than 21 million coins eventually. Since coins have been lost, wallets missing, passwords forgotten, and people die. Yes, human die. You could own 50 bitcoins in your wallet. When you die, nobody has access to your private keys. For instance, if it is locked with a password in a Word Document. That laptop would have been sold, given to charity, and the harddisk simply erased. Or it could have been accidentally recovered.

That is a small case.

The bigger, juicier case would be, what if there are people who have managed to hold a million coins? Stay tuned. If you wish to write a block, try your science fiction postulations, even crime fiction, just send me a message. (I’ll make a Facebook page soon for Direct Message).

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