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Was watching Stefan Molyneux’s amazing presentation titled The Hidden Dangers of Bitcoin. Five times. Plus several of his other Bitcoin videos. Amazing. Plus researching on Bitcoin Jesus – Roger Ver – and went to his site to read up some news.

All of this gave me another writing idea. This time it is not so much fictional doomsday.

It is more utopia experiment. Hence the title.


To make Bitcoin successfully adopted in the real world, not just in the virtual currency world tied with USD, is by creating a place for it to live. The coins need to live and breathe.

Let me explain.

Stefan talked about transfering the ownership of a house at 123 Lincoln Road, to another person using Bitcoins. NOT the USD value of the said coin or satoshis. Simply the ledger is now able to give ownership of property to another, yet remain private.

Not quite amazing? How about the cost savings in paying the lawyer the fox. Those stacks of papers to show who owns what property, therefore stamp duties, taxes, trustee, tort, jargon upon jargon – and money paid to the “system”.

That is one “application”applicable to “ownership of property”.

How about if the full potential of Bitcoin is unleashed into all these categories:

  • ownership of property
  • ownership of vehicle
  • marriage documents / divorce documents / hence will and inheritance

Other categories, you may have imagined far better than I. Do write and add.

So how to implement this?

We are in a quasi-pseudo way today. What those Bitcoin evangelists were saying – is that we are still in 1995 of Bitcoin. Windows 95. Which was amazing jump from WFWG and Win 3.11.

To implement this utopia, someone (perhaps Roger Ver?!!) can take note of this piece from one of my favourite games.

Make a city. Smallish. Simcity.

Perhaps 1000 participants, equal boys and girls – alright men and women!

Put them in BitcoinCity. This city is where everything is conducted in Bitcoin. It is a real-life real-time experiment. A blend of “Truman Show”with “Swordfish”. “Survivor”without the element of getting eliminated nor voted out. So participants are merely experiencing their regular life in the Bitcoin world 24/7 at 365.

Which comes to the time frame. 365 days? Or 30 days? One experiment I saw just last week was about a German guy creating a pooled experiment to give minimal income for 12 months at 1000 Euros to a random person who participated. Another experiment was conducted by an academic old guy (sorry I forgot their names), who gave minimum income of 400 rupees per month to a rural village in India, for all the villagers without any conditions for 1 year.

(Notice: I do not convert to approximate USD amount, simply because reading countless posts in the Digital Nomad forums exclaiming “oh it is only 1 USD to eat a plate of noodles in Asia” so on and so forth)

BitcoinCity is where they work. They buy their groceries. They dine. They cook. They pay for electricity. They perhaps get married. Or hook up somehow you can still put this in the blockchain. As Michael Jackson sang “The doggone girl is mine.”Blockchained that!

Where should BitcoinCity be? Any volunteers to loan us an island? How about Zuckerberg?

The point (for now, 2017) is the current sovereign states of the world will not quite agree to this experiment (and experience?) to occur.

Perhaps finding some reality TV producers who will be willing to pull this off would work.

Perhaps this guy:
Mark Burnett net worth: Mark Burnett is a British television producer who has a net worth of $450 million. Mark Burnett is probably most famous for helping the popularity of reality television explode in America. He was born on July 17th, 1960 in London, England.


2 thoughts on “Bitcointopia BitcoinCity

  1. Seasteading, as the picture suggests. If the Winklevii really have BTC 1 000 000, building a new country would be a much grander thing to do with it than an ETF…


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