Nuclear Reactor Bitcoin Mining

The premise is simply that.

Whence the bitcoin mining community has become mainstream server business, with huge server farms trying to mine and forming alliances, this is the scenario of the near future.


Who would be in? Countries which have access to nuclear capabilities.

Countries which are tagged as pariah. Shunned. But since mining is universal as long as you have internet, these countries have a go at it. So North Korea, Pakistan, India.

The mining industry is using special equipment called ASIC and terminology such as petahash. Imagine the power of the nuclear reactor! A hundred fold? Perhaps a thousand fold? Scientists and mathematicians – do the math.

It will be a royal scramble. Perhaps the last 1 million bitcoins will be so valuable, it could bring countries to the brink of war. By that time, they world would have experienced a lot of chaos, gerrymandering, alliances, perhaps war here and there.

Anyone who likes to write, do send a message and continue the real fiction.


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