Bankster Empire Strikes Back

This morning, I tuned into a video of the impending imminent “war on Bitcoin by banking system, banking regulators, central banks”in a meeting in Switzerland and Lagaarde was half praising Bitcoin to have potential to ease usage, reach the unbankable poor, so on and so forth.

That gave the neurons the light bulb moment.

Connecting the dots of “big Tobacco”, then of “Big Sugar”and “Big Pesticide”and eventually “Big Evil GMO”.

The playbook to take is from the above. The banksters (collectively banks, banking regulators, central banks) will attempt to create mind altering illusion that they will be safer than Bitcoin or other alternative cryptocurrencies – by creating their own blockchain dollar. Let’s call it BitUSDollar or in short, BUSD.

They will sell it like what Tobacco sold. It’s fine, it’s safe, it’s menthol, it’s mint, it makes you cool. BUSD.

They will sell it as sweet as sugar. As sweet as honey. As sweet as high fructose corn syrup that will affect the liver but it is fine, so they say. Take it. It’s trusted by banks. BUSD is the cool thing. Fat is the bad one. Eat more BUSD.

Monsanto won because:

  • they controlled A (one side of the coin): they were selling the pesticides – the ingredient to protect the so-called crops of the so-called honest farmers
  • they controlled B (the other side of the coin): they were selling the GMO seeds – the seeds needed to counter the pesticides, they won’t die! Their properties are alien to this planet (much like Superman or Kryptonite but it’s nothing fanciful, it is diabolical)
  • controlling two sides of a coin, how fair is a toss?
  • they control the regulators: that stamp out the real natural organic farmers that got sued because the pollen from the monster seeds flew several metres and made-love to the innocent organic crops

The result. 93% of the so-called (shrug) most advanced nation’s corn is alien corn, canola, soy. What 93%? Did you get a high score of 90% in school and shouted for joy?


Taking one plant species and taking one animal species (bacteria) and fusing them together, is not science fiction. It is not “District 9” prawns. It is real today. In a couple of decades, the population will be so poisoned by GMO, sugar (that is made from GMO – double whammy) and bunch of other chemicals (vaccines contain mercury, aluminium!), it won’t be surpising they will turn into what movies predicted: zombies, District 9 prawn-hybrid, or simply very sick humans, mentally and physically.

So banksters will use BUSD to literally do that to you (over and over again). Banking system will fail or collapse, will need bail-out and currently bail-in.

These GM coins, looks similar to Bitcoin. Feels similar. Feels safe. By 10 years time, currencies will not be in printed notes anymore. All of your savings will be in the internet. If everybody follows the bankster’s ploy, you know you money will be in their pockets literally.


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