Beware The MOB Miners of Bitcoin

Further devouring of the literature, this interesting entity called the miners will take hold of my postulation for this post.

Apparently there are micro transaction fees for miners to verify every transfer of bitcoins in the blockchain. The miners are working bravely previously as solo mine fighters, then evolving with better equipment, cooperation, cooperative, collective groups, then enterprise and eventually a large influential entity.


They are able to influence the decision making process of introducing new enhancements to the web (I mean the blockchain, yes I am seeing the similarities somehow). A powerful mining conglomerate could decide not to join a decisive procedure.

Looking with retrospect from my previous posts, this power (greed, precious?!) could possibly be manifested onto the entity of the miner. Rightly so. The MOB.

It could even be a consequential stage. Therefore with this premise, a good fiction could be about:

  • preventing or the Resistance group, fight the miners
  • small time miner collective uprising against MEGA-ASIC Robotics
  • miners going on strike
  • the Migration of Miners – from Bitcoin ecosystem to the next virtual coin that will leave a complete devastating inertia in the blockchain
  • Multi-World-Miner A Devourer of Worlds. A SUPER-MEGA-ASIC Mining Conglomerate that keeps going from one blockchain/coin ecosystem, mining everything in record time, and leaving it to die



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