Precious Bitcoinaire

Last week, there was a list of Bitcoin address with the most number of bitcoins. A chart. A Forbes Fortune Top 100 list. This list showed amazing non-movement in the top 2 slots. It was in the figure close to a million. As we all now know, there will only ever be 20.999 million bitcoins in the Planet. Minus 10% to 20% spare change losses of being human, absent-mindedness, OCD (oh not OCD people will be perfect for managing bits and bytes).

Plus being human, some original bitcoin holders could have “passed away”and their coins forever lost in their floppy disks. That USB thumb drive that looked like a cute bone, ending swallowed not by the pet dog (RIP and shame on you who killed your own pet and trying to find it) – but by a bat. Urban legend –  so on and so forth.

Thus: We have a final end-of-life total of 17 million coins. Let’s stick with 17 million since 17 seems a fitting prime number. And non-conformist binary.

Then the story goes on with some imaginative ham – strung alongside pop culture.


Precious. “He cried”.

Bipolar. Two-voice. Harvey. But “precious” we cried. We all cried.

The Dread Pirate fiasco showed that clearly, with two government agent becoming “truly bad-preciouss-slithering”cop. They stole bitcoins while investigating.

Welcome to the dark side. There is a disturbance in the Force.

Ignorance and Greed equals the formulae for ____. Do fill in the blanks.

Greed is one big part of humanity. First one to the finish line. First one to the moon. Biggest mansion in Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. A 500k dollar watch that tells the exact same time as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 phone. Some evil MLM people knows how to harness this “precious”trait from the lemming population.

Now with that 17 million, and along the passage of time before that point in time of “the final days of mining”, there is bound to be a set of people, conglomerate, rich billionaire, cartel kingpin, that will have the eyes of the one who uttered “precious”. He, she, it, will want to seize the remaining coins. With reasonable thinking, he, she, it might have been accumulating bitcoins by the dozen, hundreds, thousands. Why – get all the rings and rule the world. It’s that premise.

Acquire bitcoins by hook or by crook. By skulduggery or by some fancy sleight-of-hands policy making, politicking (big pharma, big tobacco, big sugar), regulatory boards.

Who could be interested to be big accumulators besides the above?

  • NSA – why not, they got the brains, machines, regulation
  • CIA – ditto, and firepower (seize a country, make chaos in a small nation, seize their coins, create a mini-war)
  • Sovereign wealth fund – there are enormous funds out there that could easily scoop bitcoins legally, and hold them as they do holding stocks
  • A small nation that go balistic. A small nation with enough willpower, can embrace bitcoin fully, focusing all their might onto collecting coins, and holding them for a few years. It could be a already-rich small nation such as Luxembourg or minion like Suriname
  • Kevin Mitnik-like persona. Some Swordfish icon could attempt some viral raid (could be silently siphoning instead of flash-and-bang) onto current monetary systems

Jumping to an alternate parallel such as a clear cut RISK boardgame set of 17 resources. If you have 3 pieces, how do you gain the other 14 pieces? You won’t be asking, why will you want the other 14 pieces.


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