Vessel or Vassal

Wordplay is intelligent, fun, thought-provoking, mental gymnastics. Trying to comprehend the various explanations floating in in web about “value of bitcoin”, it is ethereal, there is a price, it is unobtanium, I thought instead of thinking it as money, or coins, or USD value, it could be simply a vessel/vassal in the network of a blockchain. The blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain.

Here are support documents.

vessel = a ship or a large boat

vessel = a hollow container


vassal = a holder of land by feudal tenure on conditions of homage and allegiance
(* I was typing all the above from the new tab Google search – habit – don’t copy and past*)

vassal = a person or country in a subordinate position to another

Makes sense? The funny John Lennon beetle wordplay does make sense, resoundingly.

It might be an eureka moment to me alone (and perhaps experts such as Roger or Stefan had figured it out), but this eureka moment, changes the parallels. The paradigm shifts. Think further, think oh not, let’s get some inspiration from Einstein. Imagine. Imagination is more important than knowledge.


I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination os more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. – Albert Einstein

In this so-called blockchain network, there are these little containers. Little tupperware. Little bottles. They can travel up and down to any final destination – instantaneously. Brillant. Teleportation so to speak. The micro-friction that exists are the postulation of the General Theory of Relativity – that there is a curvature. There is a cost. His theory debunking the good old gentlemen of mathematics – Newton, Galileo, and perhaps a few others. Hence some simplification, this curvature cost, is the miniscule mining fee.

Makes (a bit) sense? Continue..

Then we have vassal. This word came into my existence when I was playing this age-old floppy game called “Defenders of the Crown”. I was vague about the meaning, but the game had you to believe that *Gluoschesti..* (alright first time copying a word from Google search) = Gloucestershire, yes that Gloucestershire, is the prized vassal that gives 9 gold coins per turn! Everybody, the Saxons, the Normans, wanted that vassal.

Going back quickly to the definition. “A holder of land, by feudal tenure, on conditions of homage, and allegiance.”Beautiful English language. So it applies quite fittingly. This so-called coin is the vassal. The homage could be “The Resistance”, Libertarian, Occupy Movement, The Green, Mother Earth, The Unbankable, The Pariah, The Honest Folks Who Got Cheated.

The allegiance to thwart the evil Empire. The Dark Side controls the Senate.

One prominent character in the Bitcoin-scope once said, you either Voice Out (that means shout, protest, complaint) or you can choose to Exit. Exit the system. Exit the conversation. The right to remain silent (still a strange concept, a right?) The right to breathe 2 parts Oxygen and 1 part anything else? Anyway, it is profoundly strong. When there is no way to fight an insurmountable unfair system, a big bully, a gangster who won’t reason or be kind, the more you Voice Out will eventually have not much effect. The only effect is a “showmanship”of “democracy”. (From the word demonstrate).

Another way is Exit. A significant gesture. It’s quite Tao (sorry Dao people).  Dàodéjīng kind of philosophical movement. The Art of War –  Sūn Zǐ. Subdue the enemy without going to literal war.

Lastly, vassal is a person or country, in a subordinate position to another.

The guy with the 10 coin value of a Dutch sloop (from my old game Sid Meier’s Pirates!), the big cruise ship (1 million coins)  – someone is in a subordinate position. Which in turn relates to the Lord Of The Coins. Who will have them all?




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