Writer’s Block Chained

As I had just copied this article from my Google Docs, and moments before hitting the Ctrl-V, the title came in my mind. Hence. The Writer’s Block Chained.

One mathematician I met virtually in a Bali Nomad group suggested that I use Google Docs to write my typewriter ramblings. Since I had never posted the ramblings anywhere online, nor have hyperlinks made, plus I had merely written three articles, I decided to send him PentaPrison’s address to him. He took time off to proofread. Many thanks.


At present, these are my words fired off my Logitech MK220 onto Google Docs. It is my very first time using Google Docs.


Some megalomaniac dream of a ghostwriter-like pseudo-Rowling persona, typing away without a care onto that quite finely made 2017 WordPress.com blog interface was all I cared about in the early days. Which is within digits of my fingers of my two hands. Though, on hindsight, writing on Google Docs isn’t so much different after all.


Feels comfortably hygge.


Have yet to try one of those little unassumingly coloured (or BW) flattened design icons.


Let’s explore them from left to right, as a literal leftist.


Firstly, there is that icon of a printer. Looks like a smiley, with the white-ish tongue sticking out, and a one right eye (depending on your perspective, could be left) winking towards the ghostwriter.


There are the twins, Back and Forward. Undo. And Redo. Well Undone did came to mind.


Never mind.


The wall painter. Perhaps the most amazing tool that was created since Word 1. During the dark ages of wordprocessing, which wasn’t so dark but more to the hues of Green on a black background, there was no such tool. Be thankful. If you are a writer, be truly thankful.


100 percent. Zooming helps alot. It creates focus. With a touch-enabled screen, it is easy to be in God-Populous-mode and looking at those little inhabitants bravely sequestered here and there, and lo and behold, they form together nicely the mechanical output of the sapien thought.


The next piece, is tagged as Normal text, with a drop down. This is it. The one I should take an effort in mastering.  They say there is an art with typecasting, font selection, typeface, and other mambo-jambo that makes writing complete, with communications toward the audience, clearer that without. Title. Subtitle. Heading 1. When to introduce Heading 2! There is Heading 3 that can be summoned. When? I would be thrilled to master these.


Here, we take a break before meeting Arial. I’ll be copying the above and pasting it into my WordPress now. That kind soul’s advise was for this to be a draft and perhaps some corrections being made, before the finality of publishing. One small step for now with being able to use Google Docs.



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