Enemy of the State of Fear

Enemy of the State of Fear


In the beginning, the coins were worth as much as Simoleons. The money that people in Simcity and The Sims Series use. Mining using the computer’s CPU unused cycles that generated lots of them bitcoins.


Quite certain that some techie folks would have thought of combining 8 bitcoins to become a Bytecoin. Then stringing them into their wallets into KiloByte-coins. Perhaps some even succeeded in making the MegaByte-coin.


It was a game. A pursuit of hobbyist. Otaku. Experiment for some mathematicians.


Then came a day that saw the virtual coin be on 1 to 1 parity with a single US dollar.


Next, an impossible milestone when it is worth more, several times more, thirty-fold more than the US Dollar.


Continuing on it became 100 times the value of the US Dollar. They call it the Benjamin Franklin.


The fact that the popularity of the system came from not just the value, but the usage. With these came the evangelists, and even superstar. There are some dodgy marketing people. There are some genuine textbook analysts, and purely experimentalist. Some libertarian. Some anti-TARP activists.


They own coins. Not ten or 30 pieces. If you were an original bitcoin hobbyist miner, there were bitcoins to be had by just logging into the mining software and waiting. People experimented with buying pizza and selling chinese proverbs for fun, using bitcoins. The premise is surely these pioneers are holding onto a reasonable sum of the coins. Say 1000 coins.


Then there are marketing gurus that are openly hyping the bitcoin’s value. Such as those investment product sellers. They have charismatic charm. I remember these are like insurance agents where I live, where they must own a Mercedes Benz car to show they have success. The health product multi-marketing manager will always parade their prized cars. I for one, is mightily anti-car ownership. That means they quite got on my nerves.


Now back to the storyline. When would someone be considered the Enemy of the State?


In that movie, what happened to the main character? He got something that could incriminate a big senator in murder. Therefore the ones holding the control, diverted their resources to hunt him down using super-futuristic surveillance technology that could pinpoint his location, zoom into his face, taking over his bank accounts, shutting down his credit cards, tracking all his communications. All will include telephones and in current times such as Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook.


What did they wanted? The evidence that was caught on flash. (*It is time we throw out the misleading though idiomatic sounding – caught on tape*)


And to silence Will Smith forever.


By now, it is clear. If you have something the enemy wants, they will look for you. If they have the means to shut you down, which they often do, they will.


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