Satoshi is Brill

Brill is the elusive character in Enemy of the State.

Satoshi is doing exactly that. How to vanish? Then watch that movie.

It is absolutely imperative to be out-of-the-radar of surveillance. Since we are all now living in Hunger Games.

Why did Brill go off site? Why did Jack Reacher go solo?

Instead ask, why are you doing social media? Half your life is in Facebook. Another half your career records are in LinkedIn. Or should we divide the day into thirds. Hence the other third, your sleeping life is perhaps not monitored?

Now for the postulation of fiction.

Satoshi has a stash of a million bitcoins. That is worth X 10 again when you read this. But is it there sitting and waiting? Perhaps someone has already got hold of the private keys. They could be mob or bigger than mob.

If North Korean spies could kidnap Japanese citizens easily, and if some free world group can murder Mr Guevarra with no consequences, then it is not unlikely that Mr Satoshi is not Satoshi. He could have been compromised.

A famous model won’t get out of bed for less than 10k USD. More than that, yes.

So a humane Satoshi would have gotten out of bed when it was 10 million USD.


Someone has gotten hold of the stash and keeping them for a brilliant reason. To cash out someday? There is no simple way in one lump sum. Perhaps to influence the market when it could. There was an article mentioning when someone was selling 20 thousands coins, the market price when down, jittery.

Why Brill lived inside a cage? His hideout is amazingly counter-intelligence. It is intelligent. I can think of another brilliant hideout – Stallone’s in The Specialist. No contact, works alone. That is what Satoshi did.

Do yourself a favour. Stop putting all your data into LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


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