United States of Bitcoin (USB)

Was watching Anarchast episodes featuring Dayna Martin (unschool, how cool is that) and then Ken O’Keefe (Become A World Citizen and Starve the State).

We have to change the circumstance. – Ken O’Keefe

Change it will be. The postulation is about nations that are priced out of the world’s richest. It could be small nations. Nations that were targeted economically (sanctions is really childish), trade sanctions, categorised in unsavoury “lists”, been forced to be in a stalemate position (can’t go left, can’t go right).

For instance, Argentina has been the target of US negative policies for decades. Recent years, Venezuela was strangled, and currently Russia has been squeezed a bit too tight. There are a dozen small African nations, island nations that are been squeezed.


Countries are losing ground due to the bailout of 2008 banks. Not just the citizens of USA and other bank bailout countries. Due to the fact other developing countries are relying and depending on the economic powerhouses to drive their supply. Again, the vicious cycle of the pursuit of never ending GDP growth.

How can this fragile Mother Earth continue if every children wants unlimited growth? THe greed of human came from school. From peers. From reports. From magazines. From Maxim magazine. From Top Gear magazine. From Forbes Top 500 lists. Everybody wants to rule the world. Everybody wants a bigger pie.

Often I heard someone say they feel that Thai people like to save face. Don’t like to lose face. They say it is face-saving of Japan to do this and that. And so is the Chinese people who bought a bigger bouquet of flowers during Lunar New Year than their neighbour.

The truth is, the only mammal that don’t want to lose face is human. All of you.

Look. Americans have unbelievable white teeth. Whiter than the photocopier paper! Lose face! There are European who visit Thailand yearly (yes since they can save up a few months and able to travel to Thailand, while the same job say postal guy in Thailand would need years) yet unable to pronounce Koh Phangan. (no, you’re saying it wrong again!) Lose face (by pronouncing it wrong yet claiming it is correct)!

Believe it or not, every human does not want to lose face. Only animals won’t care a hoot about face, the literal one too. They don’t need a mirror. They don’t need a smartphone or idiot phone so to speak.

So one day, back to the postulation, is that these smaller nations will break free from the financial world of IMF, World Bank, etc that are proxies for political play. They will embrace Bitcoin as their main way of trading.

No more reliance on USD as the accounting and debt denominator.

No more reliance on their selfish way of loans-with-political-benefits. Selling their soul.

United States of Bitcoin can exist. And should exist. The formation could be imminent. The blockchain is peer to peer. Debate on how to setup USB (United States of Bitcoin) should be straightforward without wrangling of assets.

For years, I have seen countries trying to change their accounting into EURO or another currency apart from their own sovereign albeit weak one. That itself is a death knell. That itself is a cry of weakness. And the weaker will be taken advantage of. This is true in the animal circle of life.

The pride of lions will not attack the strongest elephant. It chases and look for the weakest – the young calf, or the old elephant.

USB could be a world-changing system. No more mob fees to be paid to United Nations. No more handouts that are actually Trojan horses.

Therefore bitcoin could be a new-world order game changer. Again, it is not a currency or store of value. One earlier writing, I believe it is a vessel. It is more than gold. It can change the world.



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