How To Get Into The Matrix

The New Matrix, is a place for libertarian. Anarcho-capitalist. Real third wave feminist (think or go listen to Lauren Southern). Anti-TARP. Real freedom fighters. People who respect Che’s core values. Anarchopulco.

People that know medical care, is actually disease care, feeding off the weak, making them weaker by systematic poisoning – genetically modified (animal+plant=alienzombie aka. District 9 prawns), mercury laden vaccines, forced-cannibalism beef, antibiotics tripping poultry.


People that know cancer is curable. Depression do not need more brain-matter altering drugs. Good doctors (chiropractors incidentally) such as Dr Bergman, Dr Berg, Dr Axe, Dr Mike Vanderschelden. These doctors truly help people find a way out of the mental state of institutionalised well being.

Institutionalised. You are.

You are in a school system. You have a punishing penitentiary. And that is not with bars of gold. It is those slick tall buildings you clock into from 9 to 5 (and some say 6pm).

Institutionalised. You are made to take vaccines. Likely you will get your immune level down. You get sick (Crohns, Alzheimer’s or almost) and you have to be in their medical system, paying all your life, because they say, once you’re on this medication, you must keep on taking. Else you will die.

You have to be in a system. They call it taxpayer. The word is designed to make you special. So think about it, what are non-taxpayers? Are they garbage? They are humans. They are citizens of a nation. So why politicians keep saying “the taxpayer pays this, does that, eat this”. Why not specific an altruistic scope such as “we”, the citizens, the patriots, the believers, the heroes (unsung too), the children. Michael Jackson tells us about the children. Heal The World. Not heal the taxpayers!

In a bee colony, will the “taxpayer” be held up high? Every bee is a bee. A citizen of that hive. Thinking bee.

Now to the postulation for this – how to get into the Matrix.

How to get into Bitcoincity – would sound much better.

Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.  – Guns n Roses.

Since we (libertarians, children, the non-conformist, and all the above from the first few paragraphs) can’t really take over a country, or create a country, we must band together just like in Bitcoin, virtual state of mind. Yet it has some physical structure.

I can think of picking one aspect of the dreamy Bitcoin unicorn. Assuming there is someone holding 1 million coins. Or perhaps 2 million coins. Let’s assume this person is called Nakamoto. Since he has been stealth mode for years, he (or it) suddenly arises, amasses a big tract of land or even island(s). With the vast unicorn resources, things could be build. Buildings, housing, structures, systems. Irrigation, food crops. Water passage, sanitary system. I love Simcity. But this Simcity would be special.

Then those who wants to be the citizens of this Bitcoincity, can apply for membership or simply virtually granted admission by the virtue of owning a single Bitcoin. Which by that time, would be non-tradeable.


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