Bitcoin Wars Has Begun

New Zealand is shutting down bitNZ indirectly on 15th  of April. All NZ based banks have decided not to do business (closing their bank accounts, current accounts, savings accounts, foreign currency accounts).

Surbitcoin Venezuela is facing tremendous pressure by their local banks (it might have been closed when you read this).

A war does not need to be declared openly.


A war of words – differ to. A war of silence. A war of silencing. Subjugation. Cutting your resources.

Now a common theme is the world is Axis and Allies. A and B. A will lump into one side. And B the other. In Syria, there is one side directly and indirectly supporting the government. There is another side supporting the rebels. In the 1980s war of Iran vs Iraq. Again, one major side in the corner of the ring, and another opposing side in the other corner – fighting a proxy war.

So far so bad. Well what if this takes place in the Bitcoin Wars?

One side will support Bitcoin – directly, or indirectly.

The other side will want to stop Bitcoin. Directly and indirectly.

So it will be a fill in the blanks 8 years old homework sheet. List all countries that will be supporting Bitcoin. If unsure, then list all countries that will not support Bitcoin. Then fill in the blanks.

Though Bitcoin itself is uniquely neutral. Whichever sides truly embraces and adopts it, that side’s followers, or political blocks (pun!) will be block-chained together to rally behind it. These sides simply are human face of so-called ideology. They don’t want to lose face. Humans all don’t want to lose face, except if you’re an animal. Only animals don’t bother about losing face, or showing their butt. They live a truly care-free life in tuned with nature.

Back to BitNZ’s case. If shutting down their banking choices with Hobson’s choice is a litmus test, then the test is how can the NZ Bitcoin enthusiasts continue buying, trading, using Bitcoin? Will they keep using just among themselves? It is possible. Just a small 500 people township in the beautiful country, using it to buy fish and chips, using it for selling homegrown apples and lemons. Think Stewart Island inhabitants.

The case study will validate the resilience of Bitcoin.

Those users could break free from NZ government not by protest (surely not), but by finding ways to continue. They could be trading in Australia. They could buy via LocalBitCoins. They could join an overseas exchange such as Xapo. They could setup trade in on of the island nations such as Fiji nearby that greatly need some economic help.


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