Forex Currency Trading Comparison

Forex Currency Trading Volume per day is about 5.1 trillion USD. See –

According to CoinMarketCap, bitcoin daily traded value is worth $130 million USD value. Some of the top trading platforms:
Bitfinex 13.5 million USD
OKCoin 11.6 million USD
Huobi 7.4 million USD
BTCC 7.3 million USD
Kraken 6.8 million USD
Bitstamp 6.3 million USD
itBit 6 million USD
GDAX 5.6 million USD


Maths: 5.1 trillion div 130 mil = 39, 230.77 times

Should or would bitcoin trading be a good comparison to the currency trading market? Will margin trading, and toxic financial tricks (such as derivatives, CDO, etc that brought on the subprime+Lehman collapse) be inevitably wrapped into the bitcoin system?

In the 1920s, the US stock market was booming just after World War 1, and Wall Street people were making tons of money due to unlimited margin trading. Even shoe shine boys made money simply by listening to their customers talk.

Will bitcoin exchanges be once again, the nexus of the point of failure, or a hype-machine that is essential for widespread adoption?

Who will be the next exchange that gets hacked, that gets burnt because of margin trading, that gets into a Ponzi-like scenario with the owners running away?


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