Top Bitcoin Youtube Videos


This is a quick lists of Top Bitcoin videos by number of views and how old the video was uploaded.

What is Bitcoin? (V1) – 6.97 million views, 5 years ago
Bitcoin For Beginners – Learn How To Mine Bitcoin 2.5 million views, 3 years ago
What is Bitcoin Mining? – 2.45 million, 3 years ago

Life Inside A Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine – 2 million, 2 years ago
7 Day$-24/HR$ – BITCOIN MINING EXPERIMENT – See How Much I Made 🙂 – 1.2 million, 3 years ago
Top 10 Bitcoin Facts – 1.2 million, 2 years ago
How to Bitcoin Mine Using Fast ASIC mining hardware – 1.15 million, 2 years ago

It seems the video material and media coverage from the effects of those videos are not that powerful yet.

For comparison, the music video TT by TWICE, published on 23 October 2016, has 136 million views. Just about 4 months.

Here are bitcoin related videos that I recommend:
The Hidden Dangers of Bitcoin



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