Bitcoin Needs An Amanda

Ethereum, bitcoin’s brother, or step-sister, or usurper?

DASH – bitcoin that is more secure, mega-private transactions?

I have yet to read and research more, though Ethereum caught my interest when they were talking about ICO, and during that time, I wasn’t so much into bitcoin. Even though I had crossed-path with bitcoin five years ago – a French firm gave free bitcoin addresses to be pasted onto your blogs.

The Ethereum whiz kid is Vitalik Buterin. Great guy.

Now, suddenly, media, media psychology, or social media engineering, pushed an unknown coin (to me, assuming everyone is in the forefront of the blockchain world) called DASH (or formerly Dark Coin).

Amanda B Johnson. She is the kick-ass of DASH. The face of DASH. The marketing coin of DASH.

The spokeswoman of DASH. The Katy Perry of DASH.

The Scarlett Johansson of DASH.


Bitcoin does not need an Alan Turing anymore. We already have Satoshi. Bitcoin has luminaries like Andreas Antonopoulos, Trace Mayer, Roger Ver, and a group of core developers that are genius, hardworking, smart-working, highly intelligent people. The technical side, the education side, the funding side and aspects are running and gaining amazing traction.

Just listening to Andreas on Youtube, listening to podcast by Trace Mayer, you have free education in bitcoin and the aspects of how it will change society.

There are lots of direct and indirect funding by VCs into blockchain related, even rivalling bitcoin but it’s all good. Core developers have made impressive ways to fix things, come up with new scaling ideas, thinking out of the box, testing, experimenting, validating.

But the next step is more Hollywood media social management.

Bitcoin needs an Amanda. As much as DASH has Amanda B Johnson. Just like Silicon Valley has Amanda Crew. (Monica).

See the video below.



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