Bitcoin Wars – MLM

After reading and researching many technical aspects of Bitcoin, the whole system is robust and almost unbreakable. Impregnable fortress of chains and validations, computational power, verifications.

Next, I took some time to read Reddit, from Localbitcoins. Then I joined a few Facebook groups.

Star Wars didn’t start due to the singularity of the Death Star.

Bitcoin Wars start now. At the most grassroots reach.

There was a Reddit post by a victim of a scam or his own folly. He mentioned losing 4000 USD after some trade, and due to his ignorance and accidentally logged in to Localbitcoins using an app on his phone. He made a pitiful plea of sadness, saying his life savings are gone. He is a young student. Then he provided links or invite the public to write to him to ask about the app.

I didn’t go further. But many did. The conclusion is, he was unlucky or non-tech savvy to be in this predicament. Why are users trusting apps left and right, top and bottom? Bitcoin are akin to trading gold bars. Mini gold bars. Using a proper safe method to transact. Use a very well protected laptop to do the trade, the communications, the bank transfer. Use a good firewall on the laptop. Take time to research the background of the buyer or seller. Stay focused on a train of thought, on an agreed method. Many scammers use sleight-of-mouse – simply changing a rule, or a way of transaction. Such as suddenly saying his laptop battery is down, so inviting you to use an app instead that is faster or easier.

Back to this victim. I can just imagine, he may not be a victim after all. Seeing his post, reading it does give me a vantage point that it could be a scam altogether. He is inviting sympathy. Then there was no actual image (JPG image attached) but instead shortened links to see proof he was scammed, and shortened links to see the app that was the culprit.


Perhaps 5 sympathisers will try to outreach and write nice things in response. And one more tried clicking on his links. These links could have a payload. Innocent links yet when the responder typically asks, “there is nothing nor image shown”. The victim could say he setup a password on it to open it. So the kind sympathiser may go further and click “OK”or accept and put a password that was given. Have you watched the Skeleton Key?

Now, the social media. Facebook is an addictive place. People are using it as a proxy for their social status, their reach, their friends, their power, their kindness, their abilities, their track record. Keeping up with the Joneses could lead people into obvious MLM schemes.

“Deposit 0.01 BTC and get 0.02 BTC instantly, and inviting a 4 tier downline will reap 0.28 BTC! Join NOW. Download our app. Invite your friends. Look at my car!”

Multi-Level Marketing is just that. A game of musical chairs.

There are short con. A quick job of conning someone of a dollar.

Then there is the long con. Long elaborate, playing with deep levels of empathy, stress, kindness, sweet words (yes sugar is the one causing your heart attack, not cholesterol). Sweet sugar phrases, intelligently crafted, funnelled to make an Inception play on your mind.

Cholesterol is not the enemy. Your BODY NEEDS cholesterol to function. 70% of your brain matter is made from fat. Cholesterol repairs the body parts, the cells. When your heart is pumping harder (high blood pressure), it is actually parts of the body is requesting that. Since blood transports cholesterol to repair. Eating less eggs or cholesterol food, will not decrease cholesterol. The body will simply produce more, or absorb more.

Think of it this analogy. Cholesterol is police (ok, please assume these are good police). So you go for a health checkup. Simply checking the streets or roads for the number of police cars. So if there are lots of police cars, does it mean it is the police cars are bad? No! It means there are problems in the neighbourhood that needs the police car to transport police officers to go and fix things! So now if you suppress it, taking statin drugs to reduce cholesterol, your neighbourhood will not heal. And that’s how your organs, or peripheral nerves get damaged.

Why did I jumped into this analogy of cholesterol, then police transport cars?

It is because the media, and people’s talk, can change the perception of what is right into wrong. Until today, many people blindly believe that cholesterol is BAD!

SO imagine the same psychological play is deployed in the MLM of the bitcoin ecosystem.

Many people will be blinded, will be scammed, will be cheated, will lose their money.

They come dressed in coats and jackets, with elaborate hairstyle. They exude an air of confidence. They drive Mercedes. They talk with confidence. They buy you free coffee, they buy you dinner. All the tactics to soften up the lamb chops.

Next, they put invisible pressure. Claiming you are intelligent. You have opportunity to be a boss, a manager. Claiming you have lots of friends who think of you as an example. Giving you hope you have the abilities to break free from your lousy job and be able to own a home or car if you put just 20% of your effort, and 20% of your time the next 1 year or so.

They back it up with doctored brochures, research trajectory. Charts and values. They then bring their top 3 sales person, one beautiful woman. Two men that looks like Korean pop stars. They say you could beat their sales since you are inherently smarter than them.

MLM is multi-level scamming. Multi-level cheating. Multi-level trickery.

These are the enemies of bitcoin. Their scheming tactics will garner a massive following. Their foot soldiers relentless in getting more members than any true bitcoin white paper or seminar can get. Their network effect is far greater, fueled by pure human greed.

There is possibilities these MLM system are funded by covert govt ops, to make a pyramid collapse bitcoin when the time comes. These are the bitcoin wars.



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