Dangers of A Bitcoin Millionaire

What if they are correct?

Bitcoin prices quadruples, 2 to the power of 8, or 12? Bitcoin hits $20,000.

Bitcoin jumps to $35,000 within a week?!

Bitcoin is worth half the supply of gold?

You will likely become a bitcoin millionaire. Congratulations Zuckerberg. You didn’t cash out early for 1 billion USD. Yahoo had wanted to buyout Facebook for a princely sum of $1,000,000,000 United States Dollars.

“The most important moment in my mind in the history of Facebook occurred in July 2006,” he began.

At the time, Facebook was just two years old. It was a college site with roughly eight or nine million people on it. And, though it was making $30 million in revenue, it was not profitable. “And we received an acquisition offer from Yahoo for $1 billion,” Thiel said.

The three-person Facebook board at the time–Zuckerberg, Thiel, and venture capitalist Jim Breyer–met on a Monday morning.

“Both Breyer and myself on balance thought we probably should take the money,” recalled Thiel. “But Zuckerberg started the meeting like, ‘This is kind of a formality, just a quick board meeting, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. We’re obviously not going to sell here’.”

At the time, Zuckerberg was 22 years old.

Thiel said he remembered saying, “We should probably talk about this. A billion dollars is a lot of money.” They hashed out the conversation. Thiel said he and Breyer pointed out: “You own 25 percent. There’s so much you could do with the money.”

Thiel recalled Zuckerberg said, in a nutshell: “I don’t know what I could do with the money. I’d just start another social networking site. I kind of like the one I already have.”

Thiel described the argument Zuckerberg finally came down on like this: “[Yahoo] had no definitive idea about the future. They did not properly value things that did not yet exist so they were therefore undervaluing the business.

At 22, many of use are clueless even about our own future.


Let’s take any job, since the stupidest gung-ho soldier always say these useful but cruel words when they kill innocent Vietnamese villagers – “I am just doing my job”. FX war. I am just doing my job – napalm. Everybody is doing their job. I am just doing my job poisoning the soil. What a lame excuse.

Job. Why is there a 9-6 job? 5 days a week, 6 days. Why is there is job? Who created this concept? Why not have a life? Being a contributor to society? Are you doing your job in Hunger Games?

Can’t wait for Satoshi to reveal bitcointopia. A place to be free of this fake world. There is no more money, fake institutions, fake jobs, fake wanting to have jobs, fake killing because it is a job. Bitcoin is the ticket. It is not money, or new money or internet money. You need this ticket to enter bitcointopia.

FX the people who want to institutionalise your mind. Institutionalised compartments to gain control of you. – Education – institutionalised debt and fake requirements to feel complete, accomplished, or license to get a “decent”job. Jail – institutionalised place to make profit out of people who are round out as criminals for stealing $10, while bankers who steal $100 million go scot-free and even get bailed-out! Wow. We are indeed in some mind twisting Matrix that Neo couldn’t wrap his mouth from. Institutionalised – medical *cough* disease care. You get a bunch of antibiotics poisoning from your doctor since young. Carefully poisoning you. With Tylenol. Panadol. Pain reliever. Actually it is to disable your immunity gradually and reap the rewards when in 5 years, 20 years you have a plethora of diseases knocking on your ticker. It is roulette – or Vana White’s spin – you never know the Wheel of Fortune (or Wheel of Diseases) is going to give. Alzheimers, insulin resistant (thank you milk and cereal), mental illnesses (wow thanks for destroying my peripheral nerves to my blood brain barrier from your mercury in your nicely bought in bulk by the government).

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Institutionalised debt – you MUST own a car. They will create wheels to stick to your buttocks in 5 years time, because YOU MUST drive, go out, use petrol. You must own a house even if you couldn’t afford the mansion that uses 5 times more energy than a third would family of 5 would use in a lifetime. Shame on you, pretending to be kind using a bleached paper bag in the supermarket proclaiming you are fighting that. Just stop eating in some reservations only, tip only astronomical restaurant. Tip is culture? Pay properly is culture. Tip is bribery. Makes you guilty. Makes you confused about your final bill amount. Why goverment don’t fix it? Why tip the waiter who served you 5 minutes in total out of 1 hour dining, but never tipped the postal man who probably is handling your important documents, priceless letter and postcards from your grandmother?

Now – a bitcoin billionaire is alas, will be in the X of many sharpshooter.

They want:
– capital gains tax (how is this calculated – but expect a hefty bill and if you missed anything, jail time or stomach wrenching lawsuit time, in and out of court houses will slowly kill you psychologically and emotionally)
– goods and services tax (#ditto)
– inheritance tax (#ditto)
– Bonus tips (corruption) or oil money (you need to pay tips to people when you get into this so-called legal aspects – paying people to get documents, checking records, mountains)

Where are your records of your bitcoin purchases ten years ago?
You don’t have it – let’s go to the institution. J-A-I-L.

They won’t make it easy for you to sell for fiat money. Every exchange is shut down. Every peer-to-peer system closed. Banks have full disclosure records of who uses money to buy bitcoins for the past 10 years. NSA has tracked all bitcoin internet protocol traffic and banning those MAC addresses, IP addresses, even using TPM to disable your laptops hoping to kill your access to your final private keys. Emails are all meta-data-ed to screen all bitcoin users and slowly rounded up to the killing fields – by Federal law.

Who says what is legal, what is illegal? Who makes law legal? Who makes law?

It is illegal to kill Mother Earth. Oh no, it’s not illegal. It’s not in the law, so we will pollute it and continue to over-fish and poison the soil with Monsanto. These are all mind-warp to trick you into finding your conundrum – legal, illegal, taxpayer, tax avoidance.

How about “benefit avoidance”? Isn’t the government supposed to give benefits to their citizens? Their subjects? Why not make a law to punish them? Why insist tax avoidance – so we are feeling so guilty and in trial. “Membership entitlement evasion”. A citizen is a member, in a membership of a country, membership of Planet Earth. Those who are trying to take the entitlement away is simply that. So instead of tax evasion, think of the anti-matter state.

Thiel described the argument Zuckerberg finally came down on like this: “[Yahoo] had no definitive idea about the future. They did not properly value things that did not yet exist so they were therefore undervaluing the business.

Addendum: casualties of war –
Charlie Shrem – http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-charlie-shrem-launch-intellisys-capital/
Bitnz – https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/new-zealand-bitcoin-exchange-bitnz-to-close-in-april-due-to-banks-refusal-to-allow-bitcoin-trades/


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