How To Vanish Without A Trace

Vanish without a trace.

Jack Reacher’s style. Jack Reacher’s smile.

– nobody stalking you
– no chance or record of framing you into a predicament called crime, or pseudo-crime, and fake crime (since everything crime is defined by legalese called law which in turn was made by people to incriminate you)
– example – Martha Stewart -> served jail, institutionalised, but others go free for worst crimes! Why they target her? She got more sales and dividends, than needing to escape or get 100K more? So imagine that. And imagine yourself – the no-name brand that they could target anytime – if you let them
– your sun-points solar energy can be saved for your own usage instead of being exploited. Mother Nature’s biggest sun-points, the black gold called oil is a prime example – human greed exploiting it and waging war over it
– evasion – the so-called xat evasion that makes you feel guilty – a psychological play to weaken your mind from alpha strike – why suffer, since emotional stress is a hundred fold more damaging than physical stress – get punched once and you’re fine after 2 days, but emotional scars and constant fear – that is sick. Will make you sick – literally
– more benefits – you have to be world savvy and list ten more using your own brain. Yes you can. Think differently.

How should one vanish without a trace? You simply can’t do it if you’re already entrenched in the tentacles of institutionalisation.


You have house a loan. Have educational debt. Have company loan debt. Credit card debts. MBA course fees – yes you got goxxed into believing MBA is what you need to succeed. You have health care, and insurance you need to feed. Travel insurance, car insurance, and when your car gets into a minor accident, you likely want to solve the dispute quietly to avoid having the insurance company raise the premium. Wow. What a purpose-defeating mindset. Isn’t insurance supposed to function as a protection when we get into a bad situation? Many many people are being slave-d by this term. Ever increasing premium if you made a claim.

Goxxed X 100. Gox gox goxxed.

You have kids. You have wife, or ex-wife. You have vacation club. You have house again. You have fitness club fees. You have lots of renewal fees – internet, phone contracts, installment payments for stuff you didn’t really need, you have (gosh) weekly money to the devil to do this procedure called “dry cleaning”so your suit or dress looks presentable so that you can walk into the office, or walk into some dining place. Yes goxxed. They “dry cleaned”your money!

You have ex-kids. You have ex-relatives. You have friends whom you will never forget – those that borrowed money from you.

Then alas, you cannot vanish without a trace.

Else if you could – then put all your sun-points into bitcoin and become Jack Reacher. You will be happier than Neo.

*(I am not skilled with type-casting or font selections, that can make reading a story pop-out, stand-out and make-English-great-again. If you have such skills, and want to help edit, feel free to contact me in Aperture17 or Tuventure).

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