Measuring Bitcoin With Daily Bank Web Access

In one previous post regarding the ranking of bitcoin related sites, the conclusion was once these sites hit critical mass, critical web traffic usage, then it will signify the coming-of-age of Bitcoin.

Banks have gradually moved into online web banking since over ten years ago or more. Right after the dot-com bust, when internet was more stable, more reliable, when security become stronger (e.g. RSA, https, etc) – the banking system introduce and encourage customers to take up online banking.

Some banks even charge more if you use their counter or teller, or branch. And making it clear that using online banking will save you small transaction fees. For instance in banks in New Zealand, doing anything over-the-counter, will incur fees. Most users now have Netcode (2FA authenticaion) – via 2FA device or SMS on their cell phone.

Instead of getting cheques, then going into the nearest bank to deposit, nowadays salaries are deposited directly by the employers into your bank account. Gone are the days of cheques, bounced cheques, delayed, processing fees because it is a different state (example in Malaysia, there are 50 sen fees if processing from a different branch, or different negeri).

Therefore logging into one’s own bank account online, is becoming the norm. Even in third world countries.

Country   Bank   Global Rank   Country Rank

Australia – – 1338 – 12 (very high)

New Zealand – ASB – 14360 – 18 (very high)

Singapore – DBS – 4731 – 12 (once again, seems banks are at around this range)

Malaysia – Maybank – 1657 – 6 (very high)

Thailand – KasikornBank – 13768 – 147

Germany – Postbank – 1235 – 39

Austria – BankAustria – 8991 – 32

Austria – SparkAsse – 5182 – 16

What online bank do you use? Send a post and I will update the ranking here.


In conclusion, bitcoin will attain critical mass when the bitcoin related websites are ranking within 100, and then bitcoin will become as mainstream as online banking, when they are below 50, or close to the teens.






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