Bitcoin Does Not Need ETF

As viewed previously, Bitcoin does not need an ETF.

And ETF could be detrimental. Since it means regulations, it means bitcoins would then be bought in lump sum and kept in the Fund’s system, while the real investor’s money are invested into the ETF only.

Similar example is Gold ETF or Lithium ETF. Is there a lithium ETF? Well someone should create one. Lithium is needed in Elon Musk’s factory. Xiaomi bots. Parrot hovercrafts. Yes we will have hoverboards, water-crafts, Back To the Future anti-gravity hoverboards. These all require electricity, and their storage is via lithium.

So should someone buy lithium and keep it at home? No. We can’t. Hence an ETF allows the common folk to dabble a hand into the possession of lithium. Without the huge cost of managing, storing, checking the chemical, physical aspects of lithium and the stable state it is in.

Gold, if you wish to invest, you can buy gold bars. Gold coins. You can also invest in ETF. Though when you invest in the ETF, you are not directly owning the Gold. Plus you have to pay a management fee, yearly fee, exchange fees.

Bitcoin is not gold, is not lithium, is not Australian dollars. It break downs all those layers of fees. Of those wanting a finger into the pie – so to speak. It is just you and the coins.

So if you want to invest, want to store your value, you can do it by buying the bitcoins directly. There is no benefit in another layer of buying, as compared to lithium or gold, where the benefit is these entities can help manage the buying, storing, temperature, purity of those precious metals.

awesome single

Metaphysically, now is the time you can be just yourself. Without layers upon layers of “normal society”. You don’t need a layer of “formal education” aka a embossed paper. You don’t need to have a layer of job, or a prestigious job to show this and that, or a title of manager, executive, CSA, PHD, regional director, headmaster, quartermaster, quarterback, beefeater or bobby.

You don’t need layers of credit, credit rating, credit card debt, United Miles, revolving credit, credit report.

Get out of the layers of the expectations the matrix has created. You don’t need the layer of owning car, owning two cars and a SUV, of owning a house because they said it will increase in value and best time to buy is now. It is a trap into debt that you will be a slave too yet it is true, because you will feel empowered, feel confident, feel working hard is good. You belief in this system. Then at 55 years old, you would have completed the loan and fully own the house.  You feel great. You are COO. Then rigor mortis.

You would have spent 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. 35 years. Your entire adult fertile life.

Now, just sell everything, put all of it into the workable storage of value mechanism called bitcoins. Quit your job. Quit your addiction to jobs, taxpayer, being a taxpayer. Why are you labelled a taxpayer? Why if you are not a taxpayer, are you a smaller person, a disgusting fish, or detestable grass? Why not a citizen, a citizen of the world?

It is the earth’s water. It’s not taxpayer’s water. It is Mother Earth’s oxygen. Not taxpayer oxygen.

Bitcoin does not need an ETF. Bitcoins needs an Amanda instead.



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