The Tao of Bitcoin

For the past 2.5 months, I have set aside everything, trying to fix my on health. I found out likely I had a predicament called adrenal fatigue. It was a good journey. Learning about inner health. About how the sugar industry lobbies like the tobacco industry. How they use medical reports, cross-funding to hide some facts, use politicians, FDA, intertwined with Monster-santo. It was a big revelation. Big education.

The long con of humanity, and takes your own self to find out. Took a long journey for Siddharta to go around in circles and finding tao.

Learning about the gut system, the importance of gut flora, and how bad oil (omega 6 such as GMO corn oil, soya oil, canola oil) is everywhere and causing inflammation that we though was attributed to true good oil such as coconut oil or butter, then being lead astray to the food pyramid which was all the while, the main culprit. Refined grains, refined flour, sugar, hidden sugar. How fructose is literally taking over the liver.

Finding out that cancer cells need sugar. Without sugar (glucose/fructose) then one can literally exterminate cancer cells.

These Youtube channels are amazing:
Dr Berg – adrenal

Dr Axe – turmeric benefits

– Dr Bergman – the cure for 97% of diseases

While watching these videos, I had been reading up on Bitcoins, and then devouring everything spoken about it by Andreas Antonopoulos. Then listening to podcast by Trace Mayer. Listening to Roger Ver’s story of finding the way out of the tentacles of absurdity – and he literally then obtained a St Kitts citizenship.

Stefan Molyneux – Bitcoin vs Political Power

Took more time to watch videos by Mike Maloney (Hidden Secrets of Money) about how fiat money is simply a magic trick, and understanding how printing money out of thin air will finally result in catastrophe and another transfer of wealth to people who have the system in their hands and cards. Took time to listen to Jeff Berwick about how to get off the system, get out of the system and many of the people who did it. Anarcho-capitalist, and truly awake from the manipulated society – from getting our of collaterised education, silos and traps of legality, the cliches of “just doing my job”, “earning a living”, “it is illegal/that is legal”.


When I let go of what I am,
I become what I might be.

When I let go of what I have,
I receive what I need.



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