Andreas The Bitcoin Philosopher

Andreas Antonopoulos is this and more:

  • bitcoin guru – he tells you in point form how bitcoin works
  • bitcoin evangelist – he evangelises bitcoin with no strings attached, allowing yourself to be “inceptioned”by your own conclusion with regards to bitcoin’s power
  • bitcoin philosopher – his words are well-thought, well-prepared, transcends the petty noises from most chat, reality-show, bitcoin-wannabes

His flair for English is exceptional, using precise words and expression to convey the tao of bitcoin in a smooth cocktail of punctuations, questions, answers, and revelations. He might start a talk with offering to new users “a fraction of a bitcoin after the seminar”. Much akin to buying you a drink, that happy thought of a big brother (not the American term, but more like a Korean one).

He offers a complete inside-out take that will strike you off balance. It could be “bitcoin is THE internet of money”. Or a thunderous slap to Zurich by postulating simply “bitcoin is not fintech” shocking the core of the organisers, and seeing one two audience leaving.

Yet without pretense, he admits he is still learning, and he has been since the second time bitcoin caught his interest – where he left everything and took 6 months to be immersed in the knowledge, the text, the codes, the treatise of the system.

He will lay down a few prominent “vanilla world” comparison. Things we took for granted (taking granted that writing taking-for-granted entails).  He dispels the myth of trying to pigeonhole bitcoin as a currency, product, Ponzi, gold-replacement, gold-complement.

He leaves enough space between your mind, between the space of your eyes and your screen, so that you may attempt to enter the realms of Terabithia without relying on anyone else, but yourself.

He is a gracious speaker, putting the tone towards the gesture and ideas, and never once felt the need to be defensive, nor ever once felt questions are a hindrance or a challenge to his presentation. Much like in tao, he allows it to flow. He allows detractors to shoot their bullets or arrows. He merely dodges, freeze time and snap the arrow. Without violence.

When he sees the issues arising from disagreements within some factions of the system, he instinctively let it go. Knowing it will be resolved. In time.

The philosopher, the psychologist. Perhaps modern Greece’s biggest influencer.

Podcasts featuring Andreas:


Selected videos featuring Andreas:


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