Vault7 Will Attack Altcoins

Bitcoin had its fair share of bust. From the MtGox issue, to several other larceny in incompetent online exchanges, it is a phase it went through.

Now, we have some very strong altcoins. Such as DASH (formerly Dark Coin) and Ethereum. Ethereum itself witness firsthand how a capable attack can manipulate its supposedly greatest attribute into eventually forcing their entire ecosystem to implode, resulting in a split in half – into two factions.

One faction, is currently enjoying a mighty ride. The other faction is languishing. Who would have known what would happen? Example when Singapore split from Malaysia in year 1965. Their currency was lower than Malaysia.

Then the currency hit parity. 1 Malaysian ringgit gets 1 Singapore dollar.

Along the passage of time, you would need 2 Malaysian ringgit to get 1 Singapore dollar.

Today, after 50 odd years, the Singapore dollar is thrice stronger than Malaysia’s ringgit.

Now back to the topic. Vault7 operatives are very likely already infiltrated into development teams, VC backers, financiers, of altcoins. If they could spy on government, doing espionage even against their allies, and even their own president, and their enemies, why not alt-currencies?

The top 5 cryptocurrencies after bitcoin, will almost certainly be targeted for an atomic EMP attack. To cripple or perhaps completely take it down. Hard fork, soft fork, DDOS, siphoning, backdoor malicious code implants, formatting with zeros kind of clean sweep attack. Or super trojan horse to manipulate, take control, overturn the system and get user data.

The only question is when? Perhaps when bitcoin is unstoppable, when it keeps growing and gaining traction. Perhaps when an economic collapse happens. Perhaps anytime with no scenarios, to be a test event, and test launch, a capability attack. Perhaps to find out if a domino effect can occur by toppling one alt-coin, and surely measure the results hitting bitcoin and the whole alternative currencies reality.


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