World War Four

World War Four or if you like some latin World War IV, is going to pan out like this, not in sequence:

  • nations that hold US Treasury Bills (govt debt that were created from thin vacumm different from thin air since thin air still have Oxygen and other partiples) begin to mass sell these financial papers
  • with that, a mass selling of corporate bonds and toxic derivative instruments that are not supposed to exists will start to unravel
  • Derivatives = its value is derived from something else and this something else usually is worthless or very impossible to fulfill
  • These could range from housing loans, to coal futures, then betting against the price or for the future price, or for when the rate of return changes, simply it is contract or bet slips (your lottery ticket, number forecasting slips, are that too, and not a lot you can do when you know the winning ticket is not easily found)
  • taking out of satellites for communications, GPS, spying, cameras by some ultra-new technical apparatus
  • disabling DNS servers, or manipulation of DNS – with a manipulated DNS, all sites could not be access correctly thereby misinformation could persists or simply lack of information
  • Government agencies taking over Facebook and Whatsapp whereby a powerful compilation of true identity can be processed – Whatsapp is robust simply each person technically is that person using that SIM card phone number, then with many users being cajoled to update their phone numbers into Facebook, it is almost certain that Person A who owns SIM card Number #556677 is that person
  • #Fakenews everywhere
  • Financial systems such as SWIFT, Paypal, regular online banking will be manipulated or forced to close
  • Cash withdrawals therefore will be limited

What about World War 3?

It already happened.

Several years or decades ago.

It is human versus the Earth.

  • overfishing, many species gone, many farmed salmons are fed now with 5-6 times the antibiotics until the actual fish is deformed, and the seabed is filled with residual of the drugs, causing a chain event to other sea creatures
  • antibiotics laced poultry, creating superbugs, H1N5, HxNy kind of viruses that will not be easily controlled
  • we are merely robbing the future by providing chicken meat today
  • mainly these meat are hormone injected, and fed with GMO grains
  • GMO are a combination of two species – an animal (a small bacteria that resists the Roundup spray which is a potent pesticide) and a plant (the corn) = a monster organism that is not human, animal, nor plant (Watch Splice the movie). Human is not playing God, nor human can play God. This is human playing devil.
  • when mice are fed with GMO, they developed super tumours, deformation to their offsprings, very profound effects on human
  • over-farming made the earth lose the actual minerals delivered into plants and vegetables, hence our amount of vegetables and fruits, come with low nutrients and high pesticides ratio
  • kids get sick easily, adults get hypertension, become diabetic, all from the over consumption of these fake food, fake meat, fake fish, fake fruits, that are laced with antibiotics and devil is nature – in fact devilishly unnatural (animal spliced with plants!)
  • you have to then get into medical care, pay medical insurance, pay a higher premium, get more vaccines – laced with aluminum, mercury – that were originally the one that subdued your immunity
  • you need heart operations, internal organ replacements, constant medical check-ups, and all eat up your savings
  • but you are the bad guy, the cruel IS regime that tortured earth, strip the resources, allow it to bake, plunder all the nutrients, allow drugs and toxin into it
  • you mine as you pleased, creating barren land, you chopped all hundred year old trees that are homes to millions of animals and insects
  • alas, you are the casualty of this war against Earth

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