BTC Sessions – Bitcoin 101

Learning philosophy and Tao of bitcoin from Andreas, Trace, Roger, and many others online was key to getting into the “bitcoin movement”. As much as Occupy Wall Street wanted to fight back against the system, The Empire Strikes Back – Struck Back. Arresting hundreds perhaps thousands of protesters, occupiers – silencing them.

How many evil bank robbers, bank officers that crashed the markets, that robbed old people of their savings and retirement money? None. Zilch. No bankers, big, small, medium, no Wolf of Wall Street was ever arrested. The most they had were some spare-change fined imposed on the bank, and no bank personnel was being held accountable. Legal? That’s right, legal is a word and notion created by some people to get away with some nefarious activity, while using as a sword against you.

Here, arm yourself with knowledge. Your best knowledge isn’t from going to college, Master’s, MBA, PHD, certificates. It is knowledge gained by people who truly want to impart their philosophy, sharing their mind with you.

One of the most easily digestible “tactical knowledge” in bitcoin is by BTC Sessions. I have watched all the videos.

The creator makes it like a literal walk in the park video session. He will film walking during his vacation, going to a coffee shop, or strolling downtown Canada. With that framing, comes the lesson.
Example 1: Using A Bitcoin Visa Debit Card

Example 2: How To Make A Bitcoin Paper Wallet (very useful!)


Example 3: How To Use A Bitcoin Wallet

Example 4: Bitcoin Beer Vending Machine




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