Bitcointopia Liberstad Norway

This is the project Satoshi envisioned as I noted previously about the philosophical concepts of bitcoin, as not a coin, but more, like a vessel or a ticket, key to a new realm. New place. Away from the human life gaming factories.

  • Liberstad, a little piece of freedom – in Norway
  • Liberstad is a project which aims to establish Norway’s first private city. In a private city all property is private and all services are performed by private actors. Liberstad will be a city built on the philosophy of anarchism, the non aggression principle and private property rights.
  • Liberstad will not have a central council that decides how the city should develop. Instead, each individual citizen will contribute in their own way to develop the city, and thus making Liberstad far more exciting and varied than other cities.
  • Liberstad will not be connected to public water and sewage networks, and connection to the electrical grid will be voluntary. Stay off the grid.
  • Liberstad will be free from mandatory taxes and fees and you do not need permission to start a business.
  • The only thing we ask in Liberstad is that you respect the non-aggression principle and private property rights.
  • We will set up a cabin village, with both cabins and plots of various sizes. Plots can be purchased for as little as 35,000, – NOK or 4.300 USD
  • For those who want to secure a plot in what will become the first private city in Norway we can offer plots of land at a very low price. Through the advance sale you will have the opportunity to reserve plots of 0.1 ha (1,000 sqm) for as little as 35 000, – NOK ( 4 160,- USD or 3 950,- EUR) per 1000 sqm. Plots sold after the presale will vary from kr100 000,- to 300 000,- NOK per 1000sqm.
  • Through the advance sale of land we will sell 15 hectares with unspecified land that will be separated from the main property and transferred to buyers after we have received approval for our zoning proposal for the property. The presale  will continue until May 19th 2017 or until all the plots have been sold.
  • If it turns out that we fail to reach the goal of selling the 15 hectares of land within May 19th, the sale will cease and the deposit paid will be refunded to the buyers within 7 days. But we have very good indications that we will reach our goal, and if we are a close to reaching our goal , Liberstad Drift AS will pay the remaining amount missing to finance the purchase of the main property.
  • If you as a foreigner wish to buy a plot in Liberstad as a vacation home or as a permanent home you have the possibility to do so. Citizens of all nationalities can buy land in Liberstad and in Norway both legally and without any special permits from the Norwegian government.
  • Most housing areas in Norway comes with the requirement to live there permanently and this can be a problem for foreigners that wishes to use it as a vacation home, either in the beginning or permanently. Cabin areas however does not come with this requirement and Liberstad will be established as a cabin-town with plots regulated for vacation use. This means that you do not have to move here permanently, and you can use your cabin/house as a vacation home until we have developed Liberstad sufficiently to live here permanently.
  • Liberstad is located 4 km deep in the forest and it will be a challenge to live here permanently the first few years as the Norwegian climate can be relatively tough in the winter. It will take some time to build the infrastructure and make Liberstad ready for full year living, but during this time all the buyers are welcome to stay at the camping-site as much as they want, and we will also arrange concerts and other social gatherings during this time where the buyers have free access to all events.  The summers are fantastic in this area and it’s also very nice to visit here in the winter for skiing and other winter activities.
  • Liberstad is part of The Libertania Project which aims to establish private cities that are based on anarchism and the non-aggression principle.
  • We are a small group of individuals who are seeking a change in the way society works. We want a society where people decide over themselves and can live together without government authorities. We want a society without government coercion, blackmail, surveillance or unnecessary violence.
  • This is why  we want to establish a private city where individual freedom and voluntary co-operation lays the foundation for development of the city. Completely free from government authorities who puts obstacles for both urban and industrial development. Liberstad will become a city where anarchism can get a physical foothold in one of the worlds most socialist countries.
  • We also want a city where everyone has the opportunity to buy both houses and land for a price that is far below other house and cottage prices in Norway. At Liberstad you will be able to live without high mortgage or rent, and without any  direct and indirect taxes.

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