You Are Not Jack Reacher

Who wants to be Jack Reacher?

In real life.

He is cool, he fixes things. He stays out of the radar. Because he is able to.

Those who are in Bitcoin, and very public about it, example people who own 50 thousand or 300 000 bitcoins. Those who own VC, those who own popular “legal” crypto-related sites such as,,,, those supported by VC, those who run Coindesk and Poloniex, Mr and Mr Winklesvoss, those who are simply vested hugely in bitcoin, yet partake in current world economy (e.g. employed, filed taxes, employee, startup, received VC funds) cannot be Jack Reacher. They simply have too many records tied to their name in the current world, that will render it almost impossible to untangle.

So they could simply choose their believe of the concept of free market that is in their mind.

Example: the bitcoin mining conglomerate will want to make as much transaction fees as possible with the lowest possible cost for electricity, time, staff, hardware. Yes mining conglomerate is more apt than miner. When you say miner, it gives the vision of a poor soot covered 40 year old roughed-up man, in dirty overalls and a headlamp.


Another example. People who (lucky them) who owned thousands of bitcoin during the early years and now trying to “go legit”, “get legal”, “get VC”, “cash out”, “become employed, become a startup, become a dotcom or wannabe a Facebook or Paypal someday and a big IPO to cash out double again”. Mike Hearn sold all bitcoins then openly abandoned bitcoin’s philosophy. Vinny Lingham (I honestly liked his writings, and some predictions and estimations), sold 90% of his bitcoins.

If you owned some big large corporate conglomerate, incorporated, INC, Aries, Gemini, Zappon or, or or, or Square or, or, you want the status quo path. You want to cash out someday. IPO. You want to be seen as Facebook IPO. You want 1 billion dollars. You want an ETF so you can sell all your holdings into it. You want bitcoin to triple, quadruple, or become ten thousand dollars, then you sell all, you hope it crashes.

If your are one of those evil traders, margin traders, derivatives manipulator, elbowing into bitcoin, then doing your nefarious activities in Poloniex, trying to steam things up, then shorting them for that high-speed-computerised-profit-machine, you are not Jack Reacher.

All those above, isn’t the tao of bitcoin.

These are Bitcoin Judas.

The tao of bitcoin: Bitcoin is the true total free market.

If you want to sell all your bitcoins. Hands off, clean off, then sell it. But still believe in the bitcoin philosophy, be silent about it. Sell then make a big noise, is simply to mislead. You can do that in banking world, stock exchange, and all that. But if you said you believe in this bitcoin tao, then you are simply betraying it when the boat gets rocked hard.

Bragging, trying to get funding, trying to manipulate your possible book sales, your website traffic, your ads, your metrics, your KPI, trying to get people to sign up to your mining conglomerate, mining hardware, wallet, exchanges, margin trading, depositing bitcoin to get some interest(!), trying to trick people into investing then losing, that is all so yesterday’s world of banks, IPOs, too big to fail, stealing from meek but hiding behind legality, fat 50 million dollar bonuses while getting bailed-out but still able to make sleight-of-hand financial trickery to create debt and derivates of paper, which is almost absurd this world can live in a block-chain of genesis lies from the banking system. A super long chain of lies. Now tripling the consequences of 2008.

Not sure whether those who finally voted out the mainstream (yet voting is a trick in the play of their book anyway) politicians will make any good. The next time everything collapses, it could be more than merely occupying Sesame Street.


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