Precious Metal Lithium

There was one post, I mentioned and sort of compared the merits of perhaps owning lithium as compared to gold or silver, or other precious metals. Since lithium is one overlooked item with a substantial future potential. Batteries. We need batteries. We re-charge, we charge or phones, tablets, laptops, Surface. All the time.

Even I am purposely lazy-ing myself to do a quick search to see if lithium is a metal, rock, liquid, or gas or some organic composition. Yes, we all grow into submission that everything is fine. Some generation of kids even grow up thinking chicken came from nuggets, shaped like nuggets, and comes breaded so it goes crispy when fried.

So still in that same limbo, I don’t know what lithium looks like.

What I know and can confidently conclude is lithium will be truly precious. It will store energy. It will not just power phones, it will power those little hoverboards. They do. It is powering cars. Hybrids, Tesla, perhaps trains.

Xiaomi was one of the first to double up on their battery capacity from roughly 2000 mAh, to 4000 mAh for their Redmi Note 3 line. That itself completely obliterate the competition. It obliterated the battery packs, or power banks that are such as nuisance to carry around. Those pesky iphone users huddling around power points in airports.

Doubling the capacity, the Redmi Note 3 could last 2 days.

The next generation, either via capacity increase or better technology, could double that to 4 days. Then 8 days. That a fortnight. Then a month.

Yes it is possible, and should be. That is Moore’s Law at it’s best. Falling in line with this path is what makes technology be called technology. Storage Capacity. RAM. Wireless speed. PPI.

In China, there are a dozen small time manufacturers offering electric scooters, electric cars. One day, they will have accelerated their technology, there would be a new Sony. Not Sony Mobile.

But Sony when it was in their 1960s. Sony was the first to make a breakthrough television, with better quality than average, better price, better technology. See Sony Trinitron.

A battery system that could last a month for these items will change the world:

  • rice cooker, tooster
  • heater, fan
  • phones, laptop – this is obviously will be the first
  • camera – the near future is here whereby people do not take photos anymore – instead videos are constantly being recorded and high quality photos can be extracted from it, and 360 degrees camera will record almost everything, hence with a more unrestrictive battery system, the whole camera world will change yet again



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