Why Pronouncing Xiaomi Correctly Is Life Saving

In disbelief, someone said “wow why” ten times like a typical maniacal Starbucks addicted New Yorker. Wow I almost typed New Yorkee. It does rhyme better with Yankee. This might be a new slang word. Wikipedia, please kindly footnote this discovery and credit this page. 

Of course, nobody, no shopkeeper understood this outburst of tantrum throwing three year old blabbering speech. Wow why? 

Why would anyone? 

The simple fact that in this supersonic new world (again), Google Translate is far superior to itself just a year ago. Facebook has auto translate too. 

Show me? New Yorkee said I want to buy a Show Me. Mr Shopkeeper, having an out most confidence of English literacy from years of investing in studying the language replied politely “No sir, no such thing and your English grammar is mercilessly inaccurate.” 

There was a time and still has, where one would have a silent virtual giggle when someone who seemingly isn’t versed in the finer art of English competency makes Shakespeare forbidden language mistakes. Cringe. Laugh it out in the pub in the evening. Have a good at stand-up comedy open mic night with your true story. 

Now rotate it upside-down. Inside out. 360 degrees. Counter clockwise. Well my mathematical mistake above. Pardon me.  Rotate 180 degrees. 

Nowadays and the near future in the world of Bitcoincity, Tesla world, and fossil fuel free and big bank free future, this language is vital to your survival. Perhaps even your life. 

Think about it yourself of the scenarios. 

So just merely seconds within finger tips, type in Xiaomi or copy and paste into Google Translate and find out truly the truth. There’s zero good reason to be lazy or your life is ended before the next wave of contemporary humanity. 


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