Bitcoin Mathematics

Congratulations, you are a mathematician!

How you are able to derive yourself this destination (PentaPrison) in the world wide web, means you have been doing lots of research, lots of mathematics, lots of finding the root of bitcoin, lots of prediction, lots of number crunching.

Bitcoin itself is truly purely mathematics. You can find the reason and construction of bitcoin elsewhere from the fundamentals of mathematics, encryption, cyperpunk.

Bitcoin is an address. Bitcoin is a long chained number simplified into strings of octet nominals. Bitcoin is value. Bitcoin is intrinsic value of hope. Wow lots of contemplation and fifth dimensional juxtapositioning.

Today this post will attempt to address the million bitcoin question wagging on the edge of every savvy techie’s tongue.

How much is bitcoin worth? What is the future value of a single bitcoin?

People want to know the value of Coca Cola, KFC, and Tesla, five, ten or more years before it became huge. Then they might invest. Yes the general uninformed and informed public. People need to have a percentage of confidence.


Here we go:

The irrational constant = e

e is the transcendental number that is the base of Napierian or natural logarithms, approximately equal to 2.71828

e is 2.71828 or 1 + 1.71828 with the 1 being the original value.

IN 2016, Bitcoin started with the price of about (or so just to get things rolling) $600 USD. Multiply with e (minus 1) = $1030

2017 (still ongoing but here’s the predicted value) = $1030 x e (-1) = $1771

2018 = $3043

2019 = $5228

2020 = $8984

2021 = $15 438

2022 = $26 527

Alright, that’s enough prediction. So in order to quickly grasp this, e is sort of the compounding-until-infinity-terms-of-interest constant.

Here: Virtual Nerd – What is e?
Here: Euler’s number

So to make the estimation, we deduct the original 1 that signifies the “principal” value. Yes, a bit fuzzy logic. Or you could just multiply with the full e number, and that gives a very significant hike per year.

Let’s look at the value for 2017. Seems reasonable enough. Perhaps ending this year around the $2000 value mark. So $1771 is not too crazy a value. So does 2018. Things go hyperbolic in 2021.

There are many quarters prediction the value of bitcoin. $500 thousand dollars. $3000 dollars by end of 2017. So on and so forth.

So hope this quick mathematical take can inspire you, postulating a predictive value with some age-old mathematical irrational constant!

Final addendum: If bitcoin IS an irrational constant, then perhaps it will just be $1718 or $2718 as it’s maximum value. So regardless, it’s still a good buy at the current price.


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