Xiaomi Bitcoin Cold Storage 

Andreas Antonopoulos mentioned correctly that once you start to manage real value on your pc or smart phone, namely managing your bitcoins, you start to truly think about security and privacy. Your password is now awakened. Why not when the Melissa virus was foraging in the wild? We shrugged funnily when we keep forgetting our email password then requesting a password reset seems something we routinely do with impatient frustration, yet gently brushing it off as not life threatening.

We take our accounts and passwords for granted. Granted, they are usually come as a sugar laden “Free! Click me get free 50GB email for life!”

We truly take it for granted.

Now with bitcoin, we cannot. That thief will come. Will happen. If you are not locking it up as you should.

A quick practical repurposed Android smart phone can be a viable alternative to a $99 USD TREZOR. A Redmi Note 3 (or 4 now) is a 5.5 inch Android Marshmallow phone that comes with fingerprint security.

Simply activating that feature, and you would have a greatly secure hardware device that requires your fingerprint to operate. Next install a few top notch Bitcoin Wallet (MyCelium, Arcbit, Blockchain), make them somewhat cold (so think of ways to get it to never connect to internet) and start storing your bitcoins on to your brand new cold storage device.

Mycelium has HD key and can restore backups of BIP41 (12 word phrase seed). So you could create in Blockchain.info, then re-generate the keys using the 12 word seeds onto Mycelium. Mycelium has added security such as 6 number PIN for all transactions.

So you have several layers of security now for this hardware device. Fingerprint to unlock the phone. Xiaomi has individual app lock (you can put a PIN or another finger print to an app). Then within that app, say Mycelium, with a 6 digit PIN.

To check whether your bitcoin transactions completed, go to BitRef.com, input the public key that bitcoins where deposited into (not your private key). It inspects all transactions even those sent to cold storage addresses.


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