Strategy 2 Buy 21

21 Guns. Greenday.

21 Million Bitcoins total final finite supply by year (approx) 2104.

Buying and owning 21 bitcoins would translate to owning 0.00001% of the entire supply. (five zeroes after the decimal)

If you own 0.000001% of the US government funny money of 12 trillion USD: $12 million USD dollars. With that, divide back to the bitcoins you own (that 21 pieces) will return the price of: => 12 mil USD div 21 bitcoins =  USD $571, 428.57 per bitcoin worth.

That could be the final price of a bitcoin. $500 thousand US dollars. The effective stable price.

That is purely calculations from USA. Realistically, bitcoin will be valued and sought-after by the whole world. So add the economies of Japan, Korea, add the EU, add CHINA!

Then minus a third of the bitcoins that are lost forever, you will be looking at a higher value. While weighing other factors that mitigate that, then it still balance out to this conservative target value. Half a million US dollars. (caveat emptor: the US dollar might be worth a lot less by ten years time… so)

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