Fiction – Altcoin Emperor

Finally, thought of some new fictional material. Here is the fact. The bottom rung of the altcoins are swimming with zooplankton sized berries.

Go down below 100. Further. Go further down. 200++ rank?

Down. Down. Down.

Now look until the ones that have close to zero market cap.

Yes, now we are looking at ranking number 625, SwapToken. It cost $125 for the ENTIRE MARKET CAPITALISATION.

Ranked 624 is CaliphCoin. Want to be in the glory days of Sinbad and 1001 Nights and the be in the tales Ali Baba? Jack Ma could just grab this ENTIRE COIN for $223 USD or or 1529 CNY, so it’s easy for Jack to quickly whisk out his WeChat(!) or Alipay app and buy over this coin.


PizzaCoin is $245. That’s cheaper than the average mid-ranged Android phone, unless you are buying Sony or if you’re the leeming who buys the GMO fruit.

CRTCoin is at a tell-tale sign of $404.

xen is priced at your typical bitten fruit price.

If you are a photo selfie maniac, buy over SelfieCoin for just $2745.

If you hate your President(s) or a fan of the band “Presidents Of The United States of America” (what a long name but their songs linger – google Lump and Peaches): you can buy ImpeachCoin! For $2283.

How about forking (pun intended) out just 1 bitcoin, to gain an entire coin ecosystem, be the boss, be the mining kingpin, well seems like owning your own country? Then Californium is up for sale at just that: $2291. It might be useful, since California is petitioning to leave the USA. It could be adopted by that whole state. With California being 6th highest in the world, 2.5 trillion dollars, a full adoption of Californium could trigger a gold rush to buy your coins! Dream big! Owning this could change the world, and yours too. Good luck!



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