Strategy 3 Buy Your Diet

Buy your diet. For a year.

  • buy broccoli for a year and calculate the cost
  • stave off alcohol for a year and tabulate that cost
  • recently shifted to vegan – then all the savings you have, calculate them
  • gave up upgrading to a new phone, that use that estimated smartphone replacement value

Then put that value into buying up bitcoins.


A smartphone on average could be $200 USD. Higher end perhaps $500 USD. With that, you can start so low, and assume it is the cost of replacement of a new phone. If bitcoin tanks, then it’s “normal” since after a year, your smartphone decreases in value. Perhaps a third, or with the fast pace of new competitors, it could go down in value by half.

If that $200 USD suddenly after a year in the bitcoin jungle, grew in value. Even a paltry 10% gain, would give you the confidence to discover further.

It took me a full one year to finally believe in Kiva. Yes it’s an entirely different thing. Kiva was about helping third world country projects by giving them micro-credits of $25 USD each, that gets pooled to a target amount; THEN the money is returned after a period of time, usually where the project is deemed to have hits its goal. For instance, a fisherman in the Philippines needed $100 USD to mend his fishing net. After doing so, he estimates he would need to fish 6 months to be able to fully pay back that $100 USD loan, along with making money while doing so.

So assuming 4 people in Kiva clicked and promised to contribute, hence the loan is able to start. You being one of them, so $25 USD, goes from your Paypal into Kiva.

The fisherman fixes his net, goes fishing daily. Each day he earns say $2 USD and $1 USD he gets by in his life. So about 100 days, he is able to fully payback the loan. That’s 3 months plus.

In your Kiva account, the money shows up. And now you can decide if you would like to find and make another loan, to ANOTHER project, or simply withdraw your USD back into your Paypal (email). That simple.

After the first loan that I ever made, and upon receiving the money back into the Kiva account, I realised this system works. Works far better than one-way charity. You are helping others. You make them independent (now the fisherman can continue fishing and make $2 USD per day), instead of relying on handouts of food or clothing. Or money in that respect.



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