Bitcoin Port 443

This is a quick diagram response, to my post asking about the actual bitcoin internet traffic. Diagram made by Peter Banik.


From your smartphone app, (this diagram shows an example of Copay, it could be any app such as Mycelium, ArcBit, others), communicating first with the Copay backend via port 443, presumably on https. The Copay backend meaning their server(*?), will then communicate using TCP (transmission control protocol) or UDP (user datagram protocol) via port 8333 to the bitcoin node. A bitcoin node could be anywhere. Here the assumption is it will seek the nearest (*?) node be it from a computer, a miner’s computer. Once the nearest node acknowledges the transaction, it will send replications to get confirmations to other (nearby) nodes. It will queue up in some mempool (*?) and once it’s confirmed by a few nodes, meaning it is validated, and recorded onto the blockchain, then your bitcoin transaction is completed.

In, whenever someone receives bitcoin, the transaction will display yet below it has a note stating “waiting for 3 confirmations”.

*? = assumption based on current knowledge, reality could differ

Community message: Send a message to if you have better explanation, or some wordings need technical correction. Thanks in advance.


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