Remember Standards Are Poor

This is simply the fact we all know yet forget. Therefore a reminder : rating agencies Fitch, Standard and Poor (the name itself is a giveaway!!!), and Moody (another tell tale name!!!) were the ones paid by a hedge funds, institutions, to gain good ratings to put their funny money into to enlarge a bubble. Equity bubble, housing debt bubble, collateralized debt (masking a debt with bets on itself,  multilayer numbers created by assumptions), sovereign debt as tool of manipulation. Simply rating after a fact. Simply rating a country with low rating because it doesn’t tally with their definition of markets free or not free. 

There was a reported case, whereby a prominent bank’s stock fell due to market conditions. Then only after that the ratings agencies gave a lower rating. If it is that easy then everyone of us can assume the role of rating agencies. 

The significance is shocking yet real that economic conditions and directions it is heading, does not relate to stock market sentiments and valuations. Real daily life expenses, earnings, wages too does not correspond. 

The conclusion : don’t be caught by ratings. Ratings agencies. Poll rating. Standards are poor. It’s bloody lousy moody manipulation. The greatest debt ridden country is rated among the top best? 

Do a bit more of our own research before believing and the word is trust, before trusting these Hooli. 

One more example: the largest trust agent, ie AIA, you trust your life, life insurance, it’s supposed to function as life insurance when your life is at stake for whatever reasons this thing is supposed to help you since you paid a giant premium betting on your health, your life. Then what happened? They played around with your money, invested and created phoney paper instruments that couldn’t even function as a paper airplane, then collapsed like paper domino, taking all your money. So they closed down. Vanished without a trace. That should have been the route. That is a clear sign insurance itself is quite the casino. As you know out of 1000 paid, the insurance model is to hope only 1 person requests compensation when they get injured, sick, or got some need for an operation. Well if that isn’t clear cut enough, it plays with your sentiment of fear. Fear you will die. Fear your dependents will live in a soup kitchen because you died. Such evil way to trap people’s mind and affections. 

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