Cutter Trouble

Americans cannot pronounce Beijing correctly. Try. Never. Ignorance? Arrogance? Lack of will? Power? Insanity.

Therefore the state of Cutter, now in the middle of that jigsaw puzzle of the Middle East – looks like a cute cut out cake. Ready to be eaten. Ready as pawn. Perhaps they got arrogant too. Learning from the master of the dark side.

They could buy a World Cup. They could buy avocados and strawberries and blueberries. When water costs more than oil. Their population is in a ratio of 1 citizen with ten backers. Ten helpers. Ten construction worker. Ten maids. Ten drivers. Ten gardener. Not that you have much of a garden to start with but alas, you can supplant a garden. Like a miracle. Because you can petroleum-based black gold. Or more specific and more unique to Qatar’s case is – gas. LNG. Lots of it.

Now in the centre of the chessboard. Who would strike first? What domino effects, or butterfly effects would result?

The King of terrorist state could swallow Cutter. And nobody needs to care a hoot. It’s dog eat dog. Iraq had a weapons ally called USA. Then the dog ate it.

Whatever happens next: first good is the chessboard is in Middle East, not Middle Kingdom. Second, bitcoin will flourish.

Imagine those ten men need to go home to Nepal, to India, to Egypt. Their rial are going to be useless. Imagine Cutters that want to leave. Imagine the exfat community, that fat largess of elitism, want to (sob) protect their family. Only doing a job. Have to sacrifice.

All of them need to move huge sums of money.

All of them will use Bitcoin.



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