Fiction – Bill Gates Is Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto was a stealthy person. He didn’t talk about football, didn’t talk about food, snacks, his favourite restaurant. Never complaint about the weather. Never mentioning if he is married or had family members. If he had any daily problems – house, car, bicycle, scooter, pet elephant.

He programed the whole Blockchain system in C++, within a Windows operating system. On an presumably old PC.

He took about 9 months to do it, at a clockwork schedule. About exactly 8-9 hours per 24 hours.

He mined over a million bitcoins, that is worth billions today.

Why? Why?

Firstly he lived in a timezone. Hence it’s not a few programmers behind the scene.

He is not some IOS user, nor Linux geek. He was using Windows. (an old version too) Most modern day coder, designer, wannabe, all are in the camps of IOS, or Linux geekland. It’s very un-often to someone proclaiming happily they are on Windows. It seemed uncool.

Using an old computer, is likely a cover. Bill Gates was rich. He has lots of time. He has lots of billions. He can take time to tinker in this project in his garage, without his wife knowing.

Researchers in Cointelegraph or Coindesk keep asking this question. Why doesn’t the original bitcoins mined by Satoshi still sitting there quietly? A sane person. A normal person. Would at least moved 2 bitcoins or 8 bits (yea, let’s go that way) to spend on a Thai tom yaam guung dinner, or buying the latest Honda Vario F1 with fuel injection. Or 16 bits to get into the home ownership or Tesla ranks? 32 bitcoins? What could it buy?

He don’t need to. That’s the proof. Proof of concept. When you have a google dollars, you don’t do those things people dream or thought they will do. You simply do not need to. Remember telling your cousin if you had a thousand dollars selling lemonade, you will buy 1000 Bigmacs?

Proof of work. He worked. He had proven that blockchain worked. Combining cryptography to create immutability, onto a value system, with a carrot reward to decentralise into a multitude of nodes to secure the ecosystem. It worked.

The total bitcoins he owns at today’s value, still can’t beat his total wealth which he is happy and freely giving away to his foundation. So he could just leave it there, implying destroying it, is safer than to move them. Moving the coins will make them trackable. Trackable will finally lead FBI to come knocking in the front door. See what happened to the fake Satoshi Nakamoto that had the actual same name.

9th July 2017 – Further notes:

Bitcoin requires (now) ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) processors to mine or find the nonce. Mining again is quite the misnomer – it simply is a raffle draw and the ASIC will try to find it, perhaps via a tree structure, then keep going splitting the tree loops.

Not a coincidence, that Bill invented a flavour BASIC. Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. I used BASICA. Add Bitcoin to the front of ASIC and we get BASIC. He loves easter eggs. Windows was filled with easter eggs.

Would it be a coincidence, the (still) richest person on earth even though he retired from active work a decade or so ago, is the person with 1 million units of bitcoin, that is worth approximately 2.5 billion USD today – THAT is still a small change to him that it doesn’t quite matter much in his daily life inasmuch that revealing it will create chaos, therefore taking a more fun approach watching his whole game plan play out like in Simcity?



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