Fiction – Bitcoin SuperMining In Qatar

There is a 13 point demand declared onto Qatar. Emergency. The country is cornered. There are 200 000 citizens. Perhaps 50 000 families only assuming 2 parents 2 children per family. Yet their per capita purchasing power parity (PPI) is twice of UAE – at $140 thousand USD.

Land and air routes cut-off. Sea routes being curtailed. Narrow points of movement.

Any slight friction will cause the matchstick to ignite.

Yet this country is defiant with money to back it. Lots more than any other country.

What would this island nation, surrounded by enemies do? Yes they bought cows, that flew, on jet airplanes – into their tarmac. They seek newer airports in underserved countries to launch new flights.

Then as a self-proclaimed futuristic country, just look at their skyline – moving away from fossil fuel – into aviation – Qatar Airlines 5 Star for years. Al-Jazeera a reputable journalism platform that does not take sides, be it left or right, or up or down.

Next in line: Bitcoin supermassive mining. Because they can.

  • electricity is free to use in Qatar
  • Qatar has the largest deposits of of LNG to power and generate electricity for free
  • Bitcoin mining simply needs some proper technical knowledge, a good site that has good cooling environment – since electricity is free – air-conditioning is free
  • look at those stacks of futuristic buildings in the Doha skyline – many are vacant so simply make full use of them – stacking bitcoin mining machines
  • they can bet all their LNG to succeed just like how they could bet everything to be more successful and competitive in airline
  • after five years, they will have the largest mining facility – doesn’t matter if it depleted their LNG resources since by then Bitcoin prices would have reached the tens of thousands
  • the rich simply gets richer

More postulation:

  • A proxy war again. Now strange-bedfellows USA going in with Arab countries led by Saudi against whoever is on Qatar’s side
  • Qatar’s side (currently) – Turkey, Iran, perhaps (why not!) Russia, China
  • The war isn’t about oil, petrol, LNG, it’s about securing vital mining equipment – BITCOIN SUPERMASSIVE MINING FOUND IN QATAR!
  • Andreas was quick to point out during one Q&A – he said you may gleefully hope for another GFC (global financial crisis) but that may not bode well, and might be the contrary – think about it – he gave great comments and insights
  • That rings a tone to Satoshi aka Gates (!), who wanted to immediately stop bitcoin’s proliferation when some camp wanted to use it to help Wikileaks founder raise legal funds, or was it the other trombone blower? Keep it quiet.

More postulation: you have your comments? Then write!



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