Bitcoin Naming Server 

After listening to Amanda B Johnson’s video stating that each bitcoin address is too complicated or tech sounding so much that it surely puts new users off. Unless it becomes easier to type an address, or the notion that it is as easy or straightforward as an email address, then positive traction by the masses will entail.

So let us make a Bitcoin Naming Server. Or Service. Anyone can register their address and choose their own shorthand, short name, alias.

To keep it simple, yet with accountability:

  • anyone can register with a correct public key
  • Sign the message of submitted public key plus a small token sum of value
  • Token sum of value should be fixed so anyone can register without situations of bidding Wars
  • Each person can register as many as they need
  • An API will be publicly available for any services to connect and search the key using the alias
  • Bitcoin Naming Server could then roll out as a public domain entity via donations to keep it running
  • Naming Server can be hosted in a web hosting service or AWS or even within Ethereum, yes Ethereum Classic too

NOTE (2 July) : I am setting up a startup to do this project. Send a note in if you want to be part of it, techie, coder, marketing girl, investor, ICO-dude?!


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