Fiction – EMP Device Wars

After 2020, the rise of the cryptocurrencies 2.0 – clandestine government agencies, Vault 10, AIC (upside down) – started to develop small handheld devices that look like smartphones of 2017. Small brick-like, lego-like pieces of matter.

These devices emit a shocking Electromagnetic Wave Pulse either at a point-blank full concentration blast, or a weaker yet still effective aerial attack zone positioned at the centre of a designated area.

There was simply no way to bring down the capital I – Internet, to bring down blockchains and such. This EMP method is akin to assassination. Blockchain assassination. SHA256 assassination. Privacy assassination. Che Guevara assassination. Kill Che, in a remote area, no rules, no jury, take his belongings. Brutal. Inhuman.

The EMP attacks started slowly. Prominent crypto politicians, crypto sage, crypto celebrities – people who keep advertising on YouTube, join conference, make conference, make ICO, founder of ICO, advisers to ICO, legal team of ICO, coders, Core coder, anarchocapitalist, Twitter influencers – slowly one by one. Sneakily.

The agent will find out where the prominent crypto evangelist is holding a talk or conference. During the conference, he puts the device in the hall and zaps everybody silently. Trezor, Razor, smartphone wallet apps, your laptop, Surface, netbook (there are some websites suggesting using OLD Asus netbooks for storage – I don’t think it is wise since those old ones have higher chances of having their Harddisk malfunction – my suggestion is to get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 or 4 with finger print sensor, and really keep it aside, charge it occassionally – it will surely last 10 years with minimal interference plus the battery is 4000 mAh twice current 2016 flagship phones)  – whatever method you used to store, it is fried. Except for paper wallet.

NOTE: I just saw one Qatar traffic into my bitcoin fiction post – Qatar Bitcoin SuperMining.



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