Opposite Attracts Anti-Bitcoin

Whenever one does something, the other frog does the opposite. When Russia supported Iran, they support Iraq. Weapons. Big business. Big GDP or collective ego and ego Chakra. 

So we all know it. One goes left, the other goes right. 

So here is the summary : Russia seems to be going to allow Bitcoin to be processed in Russian Burger King. What will USA do? What do you think based on all these notes? 

USA had jailed Shrem, jailed Pirate. Shutdown Ver. Assassinated Guevara. Yes a big bully country that claims they practising fairness, constitution and rights and freedom, actually sanctioned killing Guevara and appointing puppet governments. How ironic. 

Sell weapons to Iraq. Then after ten years annihilate Iraq. Easy. Make profit from weapons, then make profit from war. Then make profit again from rebuilding. And make profit from snatching their resources. 

So when Russia does accept bitcoin, yeah USA will outlaw it. 

Paula Abdul would be happy. 


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