Test Attacks In June 2017

Test attacks in June 2017. Did anyone noticed the correlations?

There were two ransom-ware attacks.

There was a gold “accidental sell off” by some parties – triggering a big downtick in gold. They say it was accidentally key-ed into the system.

Same thing with the Ethereum crash. A test crash. Someone put a huge sell order. Then domino effects appear in GDAX since those automatic robotic margin trading systems will sell when price hit a floor or base level, and then another will sell since they need to. Then when so many sold consecutively, it went to $13. From $350. That’s 27 times?

Then there was a general downturn in all cryptocurrencies during that event. Across the board, 20% off. It seems like a successful test attack. The Ethereum-GDAX incident could be the trigger point. So is a fake news of Vitalik.

So a few attack vectors are possible now.

  • fake news, human now are socially caged -easy
  • to dissemminate fake news and manipulate their minds even for a short period of time
  • ransom-ware, cripple-ware – it can be feed into smartphone systems, old OS, a fake software update, free software, free VPN, public WIFI, free website signups, Fakebook, Vault 7
  • maxresdefault
  • margin trading, automatic systems, stock trader, ETF trader manipulation via exchanges – this is worrying since this means it is possible to attack with enough coins or capital, and easily a covert government operation of putting $100 million into each coin system, then making a big sell
  • EMP guns – yes they have those now
  • There was reports of flash crashes on 4th July 2017, Amazon, Apple etc shares down 85%, and supposedly denied by the exchanges stating it was merely test data – very suspicious though this again could be another vector of attack to create panic
  • Ultra rich gets ultra richer – create these fake attacks, multiple vector, attacking exchanges in London, Singapore, Japan, creating multitude of flash sales with very high total value, to generate automatic crash by those margin trader programs; crash crypto too since it’s possible now that they have tested it successfully, crashing crypto exchanges like GDAX, Kraken, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bithumb, one after another with high selling volume, and those automatic programs cannot be stopped – it’s not regulated, it’s not like ASX or SGX where they have circuit breaker veto power – crypto exchanges are operating 24 hours!
  • Thus when a huge super massive selloff entails in all forms of electronic investments, ETF, funds, loans, CDO (I don’t know what are these or how they work but have read enough these derivates are dreams-within-dreams of Inception, though the underlying asset is long gone into thin air yet these papers are floating like gold!), collaterised loan, car loans, house loan, sub-prime (what does this even mean in actual words – sub-human, sub-prime thus is below the rate possible to make a profit or make a living – so why would some people want to offer something so that they themselves lose money!), stocks, bonds, oil, soy, titanium, lithium, futures, histories (yes someone will invent selling histories since futures are so unpredictable), cryptos – then crashing them hard for 1 day.
  • That’s all need, a hard 75%-80% crash for one day, they can gobble them up at that bargain basement price, because they have the money to burn in.
  • You cannot.
  • Next crash is well prep now. Well tested. By the ultra rich.
  • Listen to the Youtube video Hidden Secrets of Money
  • DO more reading, understand Keynesian economics is not true due to ceteris paribus, everything else is constant which is not true
  • Road To Ruins – Jim Rickards



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