10000 Pizzas Bought Using 2 Bitcoins in 2020

10000 Bitcoins Bought 2 Pizzas on 22nd May 2010.

This is prediction-cum-fiction:

10000 Pizzas Bought Using 2 Bitcoins in the future 22nd May 2020.

So how much is the cost of a pizza?

There are cheap pizzas when I was traveling in Australia that still cost $5-$10 AUD. The cheapest ones. Dominos.

Supermarket pizzas cost 5 ringgit per slice. Bangkok bakery pizzas or so-called Italian takeaway selling calzone (folded pizzas) for 65 Baht to 85 Baht.

In Double Six, there is a nice pizza outlet that is on 2nd floor overlooking the sunset, selling pizzas for 10K rupiah. Perhaps it’s 100K rupiah now. That is on average $10 NZD.

So let’s use that, ten dollars. Ten strong New Zealand dollars, ten strong Australian, Singaporean, American, they all works out to be the same, plus minus 10-20%.

SO 10 000 pieces x $10 dollars (whatever dollar flavour you can decide later) = $100 000, one hundred thousand dollars (of your flavour).

2 bitcoins used in the future. So simply each bitcoin can buy 5000 pizzas, valued at $50 000 dollars.

Oh that’s it. Bitcoin will be worth $50 000 on 22nd May 2020.

As a rule, I shall fast from eating pizza until 22nd May 2020.



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