Rootstock The End of Ethereum

Was listening to Trace Mayer’s interview with Rootstock developer some months ago. (see Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast – At that time, it was a passive listening, like a radio. Now, taking a good look into this RSK system.

It is a sidechain. It could side-chain itself onto bitcoin. Like a cart, those 3-wheeler cart, chained to a main motorcycle. Perhaps.

Then reading further, in

Powered by Bitcoin, the most secure distributed network in the world, users will be able to run their smart contracts in a platform that can scale up to 2.000 tx/sec on chain and 20.000 tx/sec off chain, providing the scalability needed for global financial solutions.

Smart contracts. Powered. On Bitcoin.

Ethereum. Smart contracts. Vitalik said it is (WARNING) NOT a currency or store of value. Currently useful for ICO or simply put automatic crowdfunding without 3rd party (ie Kickstarter’s 15% or whatever fee cut). Supposed to be useful for a myriad of contracts. Contracts meaning two-way procedure or function. Between automatons. Between machines, IP machines, between IFTTT (if this then that). If no sunlight, then IP lampshade glows at 35%.

Bitcoin. Money, virtual asset. Store of ultimate value. Silent protest against evil banks and their masters that run wars, warmongering, savaging pillaging land, liberty, life, and taking their resources.

Now maths:

Bitcoins + SideChain = SuperBitcoin With Smart Contracts (just like Ethereum!)

Essentially, Ethereum won’t dissolve. It will likely still keep doing the ICO thing. While bitcoin will gain immense credibility and support. Pigs can fly. Now bitcoin can fly with smart contracts. The possibilities and capabilities will be as shocking as Tesla disrupting the car making industry.



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