Fiction – Supercomputer Mining Dream Within A Dream

Inception. 13th Floor. Existenz. Dark City.

What are they? Movies.

Why are did I list them here? All of them were my favourite movies. Dark City started like a 60s crime scene investigation drama. 13th Floor came across as a 1920’s bartender movie. Existenz was way ahead when pods (not ipod) connect to you organically to transport you into virtual reality!

Inception is running on Matrix, with multiple layers (was it 3 or 4 layers?) of dream state. Are you real? Are we living in a machine or dream? Ask Elon Musk. He suggested Earth is simply a simulation from an alien. Wow. That is amazing revelation. Definitely those movies are top of his must-watch list.

Now crypto time:
Golem is a platform built on a peer-to-peer network which sources computing infrastructure in a decentralized manner to create a global market for computation. They call it the “worldwide supercomputer,” to which anyone can contribute and from which anyone can buy computation.

Amazing idea, amazing white paper. Then someone took it one step up. Entering the Golem system, with all the cheap tokens he accumulated. IN fact, he sold all his cryptocurrencies to have a massive buy-out of Golem.

The whole market cap of Golem is 250 million USD. This insane person could have been Gates or the person with the 2nd most bitcoins. Whatever. Takes over half of Golem for 125 million USD.

Then immediately starts smart contracting the Golem system – the worldwide supercomputer – into mining Bitcoins. Golem’s network of P2P machines are smartphones, laptops, computers, library computers, Xbox, IP cameras, Smart TVs, Smart Fridges, drones, tablets, IP digital cameras, all running to mine bitcoins at a rate several folds greater than the biggest mining pool in Iceland or China.

A dream within a dream. A cryptocurrency mining within another cryptocurrency ecosystem.



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