Middle Man Wins Crypto

The man in the middle. They win. Who are they? 

It is common in our mundane daily life. They are the insurance agents. The property agent. You buy a house you pay a commission. The seller of the house pays a commission. 

To the man in the middle. The property agent. Anything faulty not his concern. 

Law business too. You need to verify a law, or make a defence or offence, you pay them a commission. Whether you will win the case, go to jail, do community work, win five thousands dollars of settlement, your wife runs away. Not their concern. They will make money from you and your wife and your said house. 

In crypto world this fact applies. The middle man wins. Time after time. You pay the exchange a commission. The buyer or seller pays. Both pays. Ethereum went down 50%. Not their concern. They will make commission from both sides that buy and sell. 

Perhaps the smartest money is in investing in an exchange or create or own one. 

The ASX makes money regardless if the Australian economy is up or down. What is the economy? Why it is mentioned that the economy is down? Or up? It almost is surreal since when it went down, prices of food still was rather high. It went up, prices still high. Who wins? The ASX. The SGX. The stock exchange. The owner of the stock exchange. The people who hold shares in the exchange. 

The next 25% downturn of crypto. The next upswing of 35%. The ten X. The 1500% gains from inception. The implosion of ICO tokens. Who will win? 

The exchange. 


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