Bitcoin Is Like Bali

A long time ago, twenty years  or longer if you prefer, and depending on how you view it, hence your viewpoint – there was an island bustling, vibrant, going about its usual activities. 

Some intrepid travelers, managed to get to the island and went westward and found an amazingly long stretch of sandy beach. Villagers along the coast live in basic conditions. No paved road, just small alley fit for walking and bicycling, and the daily walking the ducks route was enough to live by. 

These travelers struck an agreement with some villagers and managed to rent a patch of land by the beach. Building small thatched roof bungalows, they lived there for months. Then soon their relatives and friends were invited. It was basic yet unique and pleasant. 

Some of the huts were rented out to those friends. Then more friends became more enterprising and decided to rent a whole block of land to construct a larger building. A western food restaurant. Pancakes. Banana pancakes. The villagers ohhh and ahhhh, went they peered through the open window of the kitchen. 

That’s what they eat. Bananas pancakes. Their staple. We shall make more for them and don’t forget to record it in the annals of our society. 

Now to get your imagination going, set your mind to Simcity. The first patch of land with nothing on it. Build a couple of roads, residential housing, commercial building lots, water, electricity. 

The commercial lots become restaurants, apotek, pub, bar. Residential evolved into home stays, hostel, then hotel. 

So on and so forth until now there are Premier Inn and Swiss Belhotel. Plural. 

The first batch of villagers who rented our their land, some took the sum of money and build a better home for his family. Some used it all up in cock fighting. Some bought boats. Some setup cock fighting school. Some attempted to start a babi guling eatery. 

It’s like bitcoin. Some early adopters could have sold and reinvested their earnings in other things. Some just sold too early. Some swear never to use bitcoin again. 

So with Bali, many became well off. Many still clueless. Many still lead regular life. Many who became rich still lead a regular life, going to the temple, do the daily offerings, not eager to tread outside their sacred island. 

Island life continues. Vario new model is out. Yamaha came and tried selling their machines for several years, then Vario still won. Nasi Padang proliferated. 

In parallel, bitcoin too will continue. Some people will still be clueless. Or disinclined to use it. Some will master it and reap twenty fold earnings. Some will retire from it. 


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