The Bitcoin World 2020

The blockchain will get a mitosis. Again. And another mitosis. (read mitosis) Not forks. 

In 2020, there will be bitcoins mitosis for several dozen countries be it by their illusionary government. Or by some foundation in a voluntary-ism form. 

Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Core. 


Bitcoin Sweden. Bitcoin Japan. Bitcoin Switzerland. Bitcoin Thailand. 

There shall be tech groups or foundation groups believing it is possible and in order for their case to be tested and trusted they will rally up a good community committee and commitment, to start a mitosis of the blockchain into their own country specific bitcoin. 

For instance. A group of miners in Bangkok decided to form a group to mine together. Band together. Hangout. With a bit more good tech knowledge they can make a play to create a mitosis of a Thai bitcoin from the main bitcoin blockchain. It’s not a coup. Not a debate. More community. More partial experiment. They will form their mining pool towards this Thai bitcoin. It could be just 1%.

But fine. The experiment will continue and they will have normal bitcoins and Thai bitcoins. Thai bitcoins doesn’t have to be traded in exchanges. It is so secure due to the history and Genesis block, that’s what their pillar will be. 

They could start an exchange if they wish. Based on free libertarian principles. Or not or just use it for own usage within Thailand. Within Thai economy. Perhaps to enable those unbank in their country. Those who were classified pariah by governments for not being tax payers. 

This could happen in Sweden in a different scope and yet similar setup. A community of Swedish people then miners make a mitosis happen and create a Swedish bitcoin from the original chain. They can then choose how to use it within their community. Their country. 

This experiment will be successful simply by virtue of the security of the original implementation of bitcoin. And hence the ultimate blockchain. 

Then by (true) free market principles, people can decide via price discovery how much one Swedish bitcoin is worth in standard bitcoins. Perhaps 200 to 1. Thai bitcoin perhaps 300 to 1.

When these healthy environment arises, slowly fiat currencies, petrol dollar, are disregarded out of the equation and value assignment. No more thinking of 2500 dollars for one bitcoin. 

With time and continued adoption by other countries, bitcoin will flourish not because itself is worth another 20 times, but it’s being calculated mentally as the store of value. 



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